Happy Monday friends!  Typically, today would be a Monday Must Haves but since it is New Years Eve I thought I’d do a little year in review of 2018 instead because wow what a year it was!

Let me first just say that this was THE best year of my life because our sweet little Leyton was born.  I can’t wait for all the years ahead with him, God willing, and look forward to watching him grow.  He turns 1 in just a few days and I can’t even believe it!  I have learned so much about myself (and about babies) in this past year and I feel truly blessed to have had such a wonderful 2018.  So without further ado let’s take a look back at the highlights of the past year! Continue reading “2018 YEAR IN REVIEW”



Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying the last few days of 2018! Eric, Leyton and I spent Christmas at my parents place in Pennsylvania where I grew up and are heading back to Cincinnati today. Today also happens to be Eric’s birthday and since we are spending it traveling we decided to do a little overnight trip Wednesday night (and have a little kid free get away) to Hershey since it’s less than an hour away from my parent’s house. Continue reading “MINI VACAY TO HERSHEY, PA”



Merry Christmas Eve!! I decided to say Merry Christmas to everyone today since I typically post on Monday’s and because tomorrow I’ll be spending the day with family and trying to take a break from social media :).

As you know I typically do a Monday Must Haves post, but this week I’m just writing to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe holiday. The older I get the less and less it feels like Christmas and I’m not sure why. Maybe we grow up and lose some of that Christmas magic we had as kids, or maybe the day to day hustle and bustle just makes it all feel like another day. I get it, but it’s still a little sad. Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I hate when it doesn’t always feel like it. I tell Eric that maybe it’s because there’s no snow (I looove me a white Christmas) but he thinks I’m crazy for wanting snow, ever. So my wish is that we all get at least a few moments that still feel like Christmas. Whether it’s when we are with family or friends, or when we watch a certain Christmas movie or hear a certain song. And may we all take time to just be present, remember the true reason for the season, and enjoy this time.

I was going to share our Christmas card but have had trouble uploading it so here are some pictures from our card this year. Merry Christmas Eve and have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!

photocred: johannabrunphotography


Hi friends!  I have to be honest with you, I had a whole post planned where I did a Christmas roundup of sorts and just shared some last minute Christmas things we are doing around here, and then in true #momlife fashion, the day got the best of me and it didn’t happen.  So this is me coming clean and saying that as much as I try to do it all and get it all done, there truly are only so many hours in a day and my time management can be awful at times!  Case in point….it’s 2:30 in the morning as I type this because I just now finished all the things I had to do.  But, I will say it feels great to have all the other things done, I just hate not following through with blog posts when I have them planned out (cue one of my New Years resolutions…..to get my posts done well in advance).  I’ve always been a procrastinator that “works better under pressure” but now that I’m a mom I’m discovering that simply doesn’t fly anymore.  So for 2019 getting posts and life done ahead of time is a definite goal I have for myself.

Okay, with that being said I must get going, but I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I won’t have a Monday Must Haves next week since it’s Christmas Eve and I want to take some time to just enjoy my family and friends and be present, but I will be back before the New Year to round out the year and gear up for 2019!  I’ll still be posting on Instagram though so be sure to follow me there @_jillkoch_ if you don’t already.  Have a wonderful, safe holiday!




Happy middle of the week friends!  It’s What’s Up Wednesday!  Typically we do this the last Wednesday of every month but with next week being Christmas we decided to bump it up a week.  What’s Up Wednesday is where other bloggers and I link up with Mix and Match Mama, The Larson Lingo, and Sheaffer Told Me To and we answer these questions…..

WUWquestions-edit Continue reading “WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY”



Monday Must Haves-5

Happy Monday friends!  We are officially one week out from Christmas Eve!  I for one, am still doing a lot of last minute shopping, and really a lot of praying that everything gets here before Christmas.  We did Christmas with Eric’s family this weekend and had a great time.  It’s just crazy that it is already here and gone.  It all goes so fast.  Anyways, two of my Monday Must Haves came from our gift exchange, and I love them so much I can’t wait to share them!  There are also a few other things here that would be great gift ideas if you are still on the hunt!  Okay, let’s just dive right in!

Continue reading “MONDAY MUST HAVES”



Happy Friday everyone!  The end of another week and can I say it……the second to last weekend before Christmas!!  Which, if you’re like me it might as well be the last weekend before Christmas as far as non-online shopping goes because no way will I get anywhere near a mall the last weekend before!  Luckily, most of my shopping is done.  Just a few more gifts to grab and then comes all.the.wrapping!  Although, as long as I have a Christmas movie on in the background and a glass of wine, I don’t mind it. Continue reading “HOW I DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS”



Happy Wednesday friends! Or should I say, happy wellness Wednesday because today I’m sharing with you a much sought after recipe for a very popular, all natural, cold and flu remedy this time of year that I hear is a must have to have on hand.  It could also be considered wellness Wednesday because my recipe comes from The Wellness Mama herself, Katie Wells!  When I asked around on social media for homemade elderberry syrup recipes everyone kept pointing me to her, and I’m so glad they did!  Aside from this easy, great recipe, she has so many other awesome clean lifestyle recipes, information, etc. over on her site. Continue reading “HOMEMADE ELDERBERRY SYRUP”



Monday Must Haves-5

Happy Monday friends!  It’s the start of a new week which you know I get excited for because it’s a fresh start to finish anything I didn’t get to last week, and hit on some new goals for this week.  We have our Christmas with Eric’s family this weekend so I’ll be spending this week getting prepped for that, among other things on my to-do list.

Lately, as I’ve been Christmas shopping for everyone I have come across some great finds and “must haves” that I couldn’t wait to share in this Monday Must Haves post.  So I’m making today’s must haves, a “must have Christmas items” post.  Also, if you are still looking for gifts for her, him, kids, hostess, teacher, side gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.  be sure to check out the gift guides tab at the top of the page, for some ideas.

Okay, so let’s get to the Monday Must Haves shall we?  First up….


I’m in love with this advent calendar from Prairie Canary Ranch on Etsy.  The rustic look is on par with my style these days and I like the idea of moving the little wreath.  Now Eric and I had a little debate over this because when he was growing up he counted down to Christmas, starting at 1 and ending on 25.  Now, this way isn’t wrong and I’ve done that before too, but for this one, since it’s counting the “days until Christmas” I think it’s right to start at 25 and count down to 1 so on Christmas Eve there is only 1 day until Christmas.  Who’s with me?  Target has a similar one to this here.

I also think these two from Target are cute…..


The Christmas Tree one has it so each day flips and on the other side is a snowflake or some Christmas symbol and then the Santa chimney one is so cute!  Santa starts at the top and moves down as we inch towards Christmas.  I think this will be a cute one for Leyton when he’s older and I like the ones with chocolate so kids get a little treat each day.  That always made me so excited as a kid!  Speaking of Santa…..


How cute is this mug?  I’m a sucker for holiday mugs and I have to admit the ones like this from Pottery Barn are sooooo disappointing!  They look just like this and are cute but literally hold like a shot of coffee.  Sorry PB but this mom needs a vat of coffee and your itty bitty mug doesn’t cut it!  So yesterday I found this bigger version at Sur La Table (I’m so obsessed with that store!) and it was on sale for like $8 so I scooped it right up!

Also, at Sur La Table….


Can someone tell me why it is SO hard to find iced gingerbread cookies at Christmas time?  Isn’t it a staple Christmas cookie?? They are hands down my favorite Christmas cookie and I kid you not they are impossible to find!!!  So every year I snag these from Sur La Table because they are the only place I can find them and they are delicious!

Here I am enjoying my cookies and my new mug this morning :).  ‘Tis the season!


Okay, who saw my Instagram post this past weekend where I shared my coat from J.Crew Factory…..


Friends, I am obsessed with this City Coat from them!  I got this one last year but couldn’t wear it because I was so pregnant!  But this year, I’m wearing it on repeat!  Technically, it’s not Christmas related but I’ll be wearing it to all my Christmas and holiday functions so it counts!  Now, this color is not available this year but I was at J.Crew Factory yesterday and here’s the current selection…..


I see you, baby pink!  I also loooove that blue!  It currently comes in 8 colors.  Shop all options here.  Also, J.Crew Factory is currently running a sale of 50% off everything (well everything but this coat of course) and an extra 20% off your purchase with code: FROSTY.  Funny story about my hot pink version…Eric and I were shopping this weekend and walked into a store and the sales lady was like “Wow, that coat is bright!”  Which…duh, hot pink is my signature color, that’s why I got it ma’am!  And then yesterday when I was in J. Crew Factory the one sales guy commented about how bright it was.  I wanted to be like, ummm hello!  It’s from here! Haha, I guess shocking pink isn’t a winter color people are used to seeing.  I for one, love it!

Also, while at J. Crew Factory yesterday, I picked up this cute sweater to wear to a Christmas function….


I just think that bow is so stinking cute!  And you can snag it now for 50% off plus the extra 20% off!  I missed the 20% off when I bought but here’s a couple things I didn’t buy in store that I’m eyeing up now since they are part of this awesome sale! (Links below picture to shop).

  1. Tartan Slippers – not included in the promo but currently $20.
  2. Cuffed Striped Boatneck Shirt – $24.50 plus extra 20% off.
  3. Rollneck Pullover Sweater – comes in 6 colors – $34.50 plus extra 20% off.
  4. Peyton Mixed Stripe Sweater – under $20 and comes in 8 colors.
  5. Tie Bell-Sleeve Pullover Sweater – comes in 2 colors.  $22 plus extra 20% off.
  6. Classic Fair Isle Sweater – $39.50 plus extra 20% off.
  7. Marled Jogger Sweatpant – comes in 3 colors.  $24.50 plus extra 20% off.
  8. Classic Plaid Scarf – excluded from the promo but currently less than $20.  Comes in 9 colors.
  9. Plaid Cape Scarf – comes in 5 colors.  $24.95

I’m getting back to Christmas stuff in a minute I promise, but here are some good Men finds from the J. Crew Factory sale too….

  1. Walker Vest – comes in 2 colors.  $34.95
  2. Sweater Fleece Half-Zip – comes in 5 colors. $49.00 plus extra 20% off.
  3. Cardigan Sweater – $54.00 plus extra 20% off.
  4. Fair Isle Hoodie Sweater – comes in 2 colors.  $43.00 plus extra 20% off.
  5. Half-Zip Sweater – comes in 6 colors.  $19.50 plus extra 20% off.
  6. Striped Crew Neck Sweater – comes in 5 colors.  $19.95

Okay, back to Christmas must haves.  If you’re still in need of some cute stockings, I can’t recommend these from Personal Creations enough.  They are so cute, great quality and I literally ordered them and had them like 3 days later!  I love that they are cohesive and we have our own but they still match.


Next, if you are looking for some good Christmas/winter books to read I love this series from Elin Hilderbrand.


There is actually a third (technically there’s four) but the first one, Winter Street I gave to a friend so I don’t have it here to picture, but it starts with Winter Street, then Winter Stroll, followed by Winter Storms, and then the 4th one that got added recently is Winter Solstice.  They are just fun, easy reads that center on a family in Nantucket at Christmas time and it jumps around from character to character throughout the books but ties them all together too.  It sounds like it could be confusing but it isn’t at all.

And lastly,  if you’re like me and love Christmas pine type candles and holiday scents, but don’t want the toxicity that comes with candles, then I’ve got you covered.


These are on repeat at my house these days! I was so worried that once I ditched candles I wouldn’t be able to have the Christmas smells, but these two have saved the day!  Northern Lights Black Spruce smells like a Christmas tree lot and Christmas Spirit just has all those yummy Christmas aromas that evoke the holiday season!  You can shop these oils by going here and if you aren’t a member you can become one by buying a kit and adding these on, or go below member and select retail to skip the membership and wholesale pricing and just buy the oils.  Feel free to message me here or on instagram      ( _jillkoch_ ) or facebook (Jill Weaver Koch) or email me jillcomesclean@gmail.com for help purchasing or getting started.

Okay friends, that’s it for this round of Monday Must Haves.  I hope you found some good items to add to your Christmas collection or to gift others.  Have a great week!  See you back here Wednesday!





Happy Friday friends!  We made it through the end of another week!  What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Eric and I were going to catch a movie until we realized there isn’t really anything out that we want to see.  So instead, we are going to do some Christmas shopping and probably enjoy some wine :).

If you have been following along here lately then you know today is the last day of my gift guide series, and we are covering gifts for the men in your life and for kids.  Why are men seriously soooo hard to shop for??  I feel like it’s always the same stuff for them (but maybe that’s how they feel about shopping for us).  I tried to think outside the box some here and not just do the typical shirt, or money clip, sneaker, etc.  As with the other gift guides the prices vary, but I tried to keep it all reasonable with a few big ticket items just in case you need a big gift idea.  Continue reading “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE: FOR HIM & KIDS”