Happy Friday friends!  We made it through the end of another week!  What does everyone have planned for the weekend?  Eric and I were going to catch a movie until we realized there isn’t really anything out that we want to see.  So instead, we are going to do some Christmas shopping and probably enjoy some wine :).

If you have been following along here lately then you know today is the last day of my gift guide series, and we are covering gifts for the men in your life and for kids.  Why are men seriously soooo hard to shop for??  I feel like it’s always the same stuff for them (but maybe that’s how they feel about shopping for us).  I tried to think outside the box some here and not just do the typical shirt, or money clip, sneaker, etc.  As with the other gift guides the prices vary, but I tried to keep it all reasonable with a few big ticket items just in case you need a big gift idea. 

Kids are also tricky!  Mainly because it encompasses such a range of ages.  I found some hot new items and soooo many classics are back! Okay, so let’s start with the men.  As always the links to shop are below the picture and correspond with the number on the graphic.

All Things Cozy-6

  1. Bluetooth Speaker – Comes in 6 colors and is under $30!
  2. Wireless phone charger – There’s so many options out there but this one works with iPhones and the Galaxy note and is under $15.
  3. Magnetic Wrist Band – Such a good idea for the handy man.  Keeps them from dropping little screws and nails.  And for $15 it could be a good gift or stocking stuffer.
  4. SAXX Men’s Lifestyle Boxers – These are a little pricey at $30 a piece but my best friend Abigail buys them for her husband and says they are the best and he loves them!
  5. Veckle Waterproof Phone Case – $11 for a two pack and fits most phones.  A great way to protect your phone from water, sand, dirt, etc. but still be able to use it at the same time.  You just slip the phone in there when you need it protected beyond what the regular case provides.
  6. Patagonia Pullover – Eric loves his Patagonia pullover.  They can be a little pricey at times but it’s a quality product that lasts, always looks good, and is a staple go to piece.  To see other styles and options, click here.
  7. Brandy Warmer – I thought this was a fun idea for the Brandy drinker!  And for under $20 you can’t beat it.  Definitely a fancy, cool gift.
  8. Old Navy Men’s Plaid Scarf – these range from $4- $12!  Various patterns and colors to choose from.
  9. UGG Ascot Slipper – I love gifting slippers because every man can use them and you can either do a really nice expensive pair or an inexpensive, doesn’t matter if it gets gross, pair.  These range from $60-$100.  A less expensive, similar option can be found here.  To see an entire selection of slippers at varying prices, click here.
  10. Bose Wireless Headphones – Comes in 3 colors.  Bose items are a little pricey but they are such great, quality products.   Any guy would love these, especially if he wears headphones often.
  11. Tech Emergency Kit – For $26 you can’t beat this.  Comes with a charging cord, wall plug, organizer, a stand, earbuds, microfiber cloth, and password hint list.
  12. Yeti 10 oz. Tumbler – $20 and will keep drinks hot or cold for hours!  This is also perfect for moms (like me) whose coffee gets cold and they have to reheat it 10 times throughout the day.
  13. Outdoor Folding Table – Perfect for tailgating or camping, this collapsible table is under $50 and even has wine glass holders!
  14. Bric’s Duffle – Currently 25$ off.  Water-resistant and comes in 2 colors.
  15. Leather Hanging Toiletry Case – Currently on sale for under $45.  Such a classic, good looking item.  Can be monogrammed if desired.
  16. Sneaker Cleaning Kit – For the man that loves/wears sneakers, this is currently on sale for $17 and free shipping!
  17. Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker – Considering one of these for myself!  Anyone could use this.  You can attach this to anything you don’t want to lose, or want to easily find (it can be attached, slid on, or dropped into something like a bag).  You then use a free app to find the last place it was or to make it ring.  Comes in 6 colors for under $25!!  This may be my favorite find yet!
  18. The Nest Secure Alarm System – This is a splurge item and could even be a family gift, but provides home security that’s easy to setup and use.  My sister just recently got one of these and loves it!  You can check out a variety of Nest products, here.

Okay, whew!  And that was only just the men!  I hope you found some good, non-super traditional finds there.  Next up are the kiddos!  I have to tell you, like I said above, the kids were a little tricky because of age ranges, but once I got going I couldn’t stop!!  Therefore, there are two kid graphics with LOTS of options and various price ranges!  Here is the first one…..


  1. Moo Moo Mooing Book – This is Leyton’s absolute favorite book! A friend of mine gave it to him and he loved it so much we also ordered Roar, Roar, Roaring.  I wish she had 20 books!  They are great for everyone!  $10.
  2. My First Christmas Tree – Obviously, given the name it’s intended for a baby’s first Christmas but babies that are a little older would enjoy it too.  There is also My First Snowman and My First Gingerbread House.
  3. VTech Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart – $35 and such a cute, fun toy that also teaches!
  4. Scruff-a-Luvs Mystery Rescue Pet – I think this is SUCH a cute idea.  The pet comes a little disheveled and the child “rescues” it and gives it love and cleans it up and makes it cute.  Cue Sarah McLaughlin, haha.  It’s a great way to teach kids about rescuing animals and is under $20.
  5. Popular Playthings Playstix – Almost like a modern day Lincoln Logs. $20 for 150 pieces.
  6. Green Kid Crafts – These are monthly subscription boxes (there are different ones depending on what price point you want to spend each month) for various crafts/projects.  There’s art projects, science kits, design kits, engineer type kits, etc.
  7. Polly Pocket –  I was obsessed with these when I was younger.  So glad they have made a comeback! $15.
  8. Osmo Genius Kits – Games kids can play on an iPad or Amazon Fire that are fun ways to teach spelling, creative thinking, problem solving, interaction, etc.
  9. Old Navy Fauz -Suede Sequin boot for girls – $22 and comes in tan or black. Old Navy Boys Varsity Style High-Tops – $28
  10. Swish Transparent Card Game – Toy of the year nominee for ages 8 and up.  Currently only $12.49 on Amazon.
  11. LED Bike Wheel Lights – How fun are these?  One wheel is $13.99.  Or get both wheels here for $25.99.
  12. Kids Cook, Cookbook by Good Housekeeping – Such a great idea for kids that like to cook or are just starting to learn.  Less than $20.
  13. Hape Pound and Tap Toy – A musical pounding toy for toddlers.  $26.99.
  14. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet – These are a little on the high end but LeapFrog products are always such great fun learning tools for kids.
  15. LeapFrog My Pal Scout – Speaking of LeapFrog….this stuffed animal is less expensive than the tablet and still teaches your child.  It sings, and teaches kids counting and colors and can be accompanied with an app that allows it to learn your child’s name.   There is also My Pal Violet for girls.

Okay….who’s still with me? Let’s keep this train going with round two of toys for kids!

kids 2

  1. Radio Flyer Folding Tricycle – Radio Flyer is still going strong friends!  These are such classics.  This comes in red and pink and is under $50.  See the entire Radio Flyer collection for various ages, here.
  2. Wooden Dollhouse by Hearth & Hand with Magnolia – I mean is there anything Joanna Gaines doesn’t make cute and beautiful?  I want this for myself!  It’s a little on the expensive end but it’s so cute and I like that it has a real house look!
  3. Kids Cash Register – The classics never die.  This was popular when I was a kid and is a still a favorite.
  4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set – This is a set of 100 blocks in 4 colors and 9 shapes for under $15.  There is also a non-colorful option that’s plain wood.  That one is more expensive and is 60 pieces and comes with a wooden storage tray, but in case you wanted the unpainted version.
  5. Lincoln Logs – Because can you ever go wrong with this classic? And it’s under $20 for 83 pieces.
  6. Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Food Set – Currently on sale for under $15.  The pieces Velcro together so they are easily “cut-able.”  See the entire wooden food selection (all currently on sale) including dishes, shopping cart, etc. here.
  7. Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House, Housekeeping Set – Teach them those chores early friends!  But seriously, how cute is this?  And it’s under $20!
  8. Little Cosmetics Pretend Make-up – For the younger child that wants to play with make-up but maybe isn’t quite ready for the real, messy kind.  $20!
  9. Girls All-in-One Makeup Palette with Mirror – And for those older kids ready for some real makeup of their own, this kid friendly set is only $10!
  10. VTech Kiddizoom Camera Pix – comes in blue or pink for under $30.
  11. Mrs. Potato Head – Another old school classic that never stops being fun! Mr. Potato Head can be found here.
  12. My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage – A cute little activity where kids can plant and grow their own small garden.  Less than $15.
  13. Lite Brite – One last classic!  My niece is 5 and has this and loves it!!  And it’s under $15!

Alright friends, we made it to the end!! If you stuck it out to this point, thank you!  I know for me at least, men and kids are the trickiest so if you are in that boat too I hope that you were able to find something helpful to get that list checked off!  Have a great weekend!  I’ll see you back here Monday for some Monday Must Haves!


xo, Jill
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