In Case You Missed It: Life Lately & Latest Favorites

Since the last time we chatted I turned 40 and in true adulting fashion we had our living room and eating area redone and said goodbye to Eric’s bachelor furniture (yes, we were still using the kitchen table from the day I met him 17 years ago!) and somehow, despite it being a simple project, life was chaos! I love the end result of home projects but I dread the process because it disrupts my routine and I love a routine! So not only did I fall behind on all the things in general but you know what else took a major back seat? Spring Cleaning! I felt like I couldn’t get to any of it. But not to fear because I’m finally doing it now! So if you fell behind too don’t worry, we will get caught up together and I’ll bring you along on social media as I do. And if you are in full swing with it I’m proud (and jealous) of you :). So that’s been life lately. Here’s a look at what else we’ve been up to.

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