Viral Cleaning Hacks That You Can Actually Skip

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Not all cleaning hacks are created equal. Learn which viral cleaning hacks you can skip and save yourself time and effort.

Cleaning hacks are all the rage on social media, but not all of them are effective or safe. In fact, some viral cleaning hacks can actually do more harm than good. Here are some cleaning hacks that you can skip and save yourself time and effort.

Cleaning Hacks to Skip

While some cleaning hacks may seem like a quick and easy solution, they may not be worth the effort or could even cause damage. For example, using vinegar to clean certain surfaces can actually strip away the finish or cause discoloration. Another popular hack is using dryer sheets to clean baseboards, but this can leave a residue that attracts more dust and dirt. It’s important to do your research and use caution before trying any viral cleaning hacks.

1. Fabuloso in Toilet Tank

Adding a bottle of Fabuloso to your toilet tank actually displaces water and can erode parts. Use regular cleaning or dedicated toilet cleaning tablets – or make your own DIY toilet tablets!

2. DIY Dusting Spray Using Olive Oil

Olive Oil can go rancid. Try Jojoba Oil or damp microfiber cloth.

3. Bleach or Toilet Bowl Cleaner to Clean Grout

Bleach and Toilet Bowl Cleaner can ruin grout and flooring. Use a steamer or baking soda paste & scrubber.

4. Detergent Pod for Mopping

Detergent pods are highly concentrated and can cause irritation if not thoroughly rinsed. They are also a more expensive option. Try a little soap and water or a vacuum mop.

5. Detergent on Carpet Stains

Detergent is meant to be washed out and can damage fibers if you leave it on fabric. Stick with carpet/upholstery stain removers.

6. Cleaning Windows with Newspaper

Newspapers aren’t as thick as they used to be and some inks will leave streaks on your windows. Try a wet microfiber cloth followed by a dry microfiber cloth for windows.

7. Citrus Peels down a disposal

Some people swear by this but plumbers say that citrus peels actually don’t break down properly in your disposal drain and can rot and cause odors. Try baking soda + vinegar or ice + dish soap or cleaning packets specifically made for your disposal drain.

Do you do any of these? I totally see the theory behind some, especially ones that make our housecleaning routine easier but in the end you really can ditch them and go with simpler methods.

Useful DIY Cleaning Recipes

While some viral cleaning hacks may not be worth the effort, there are plenty of useful DIY cleaning recipes that can save you money and be just as effective as store-bought cleaners. Do your research and experiment with different recipes to find what works best for you and your cleaning needs. Here are two of my favorite DIY cleaning recipes that I use all of the time!

DIY Stain Remover

Combine and apply to stain . It will often Lift the stain on its own or you can wipe with a damp cloth. Always test a small area first as it can lighten.

DIY Toilet Tablets

Combine and place into molds to harden.

So there you have it! Some viral cleaning hacks that you should actually avoid, plus my solutions for better ways to clean things and even some recipes for your own cleaning solutions! Hope you found this to be helpful!

xo, Jill
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