Cleaning Chemicals You Should Never Mix

Keep your home safe by avoiding these five cleaning product combinations. Learn why you should never mix these products and how to properly clean without risking your health.

Cleaning your home is important, but it’s equally important to use cleaning products safely. Mixing certain cleaning chemicals can be dangerous and even deadly. Here are five cleaning product combinations you should never mix, and tips on how to clean your home safely.

5 Cleaning Products to Never Mix from Jill Comes Clean

Cleaning Chemicals You Should Never Mix

There’s a lot of videos out there combining a ton of cleaning products at once. Not only is it unnecessary, not more effective, and more expensive, it’s also potentially very bad for you or your surfaces.

Here are cleaning tips for what to avoid (plus a bonus one I’m finally caving on)!

Do Not Mix Vinegar and Bleach | Jill Comes Clean

1. Vinegar + Bleach

This creates chlorine gas which can cause coughing, and breathing problems.

Do Not Mix Bleach and Ammonia | Jill Comes Clean

2. Bleach + Ammonia

Ammonia is often found in things like toilet cleaners and Windex. When mixed together they create a toxic gas called chloramine that can cause shortness of breath and chest pains.

Do Not Mix Vinegar and Peroxide | Jill Comes Clean

3. Vinegar + Peroxide

Creates per-acetic acid which is corrosive and potentially toxic and can be irritating to the respiratory system.

Do Not Mix Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol | Jill Comes Clean

4. Bleach + Rubbing Alcohol

Makes chloroform and is highly toxic.

Do Not Mix Castile Soap and Vinegar | Jill Comes Clean

5. Castile Soap + Vinegar

This isn’t dangerous, just ineffective. You can use this one after the other but avoid mixing as it curdles and doesn’t work.

Do Not Mix Vinegar and Baking Soda | Jill Comes Clean

Bonus: Baking Soda + Vinegar

Listen I have fought this one tooth and nail because I’ve used it for years and swear it’s been helpful but ultimately, the vinegar is an acid and the baking soda is a base and they neutralize each other rendering each ineffective. Not harmful just ineffective. Best to use one first then the other but not mixed together.

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