Happy Wednesday friends!  Originally this post was going to be an Austin recap but I’m saving that for Friday.  Today I decided to touch on something else because it’s been on my mind to do a post about it, and I’ve had some questions regarding it and I figured now was as good a time as any.  Oh and don’t mind I’m about to share several hair pics to coninside with the post.

I want to talk about MLM’s (multi-level marketing), in particular Monat, and why all MLM’s are NOT created equal, and why I think some of the stigma around them should go away as it seems all get a bad rap from a few bad apples, and I’m here to say that they aren’t all bad.  And, I think good ones are worth supporting, maybe even joining if you’re considering it because I truly think they are the way the world is going and residual income is a real thing that never hurt anyone.

** Before I go any further let me say this….I’m not trying to recruit you ( I mean unless you’re interested in Monat, then reach out).  I am just hoping to shine a light on the fact that not all MLM’s are created equal, and they can actually exist without resorting to those obvious sleazy, annoying marketing techniques some use to try to sell products.  I’m also hoping to shine a light on the fact that they are truly no different from seeing your favorite blogger or celebrity share about something they love, and you buy it from their endorsement. In the case of bloggers and influencers, they are getting a commission when you buy from their recommendation.  So seriously you guys, no difference, at all.


Just a little background…..up until recently I hated MLM’s.  So I totally get it if you aren’t a fan.  My main disgust was how people I didn’t even know would message me out of the blue, despite not having spoken to them for ten years, and suddenly have this great program or product that “I would just be the perfect fit for.”  You know the pitch.  It’s the most obvious scheme out there and you see it coming from a mile away.  It’s not genuine, and it’s the biggest turn off ever!  My other complaint was that I just never found the products to be worth my money, and autoships are a royal pain in the you know what.  So like I said, I get it.  Until recently I had actually said I’m done buying these things, and I said a million times over I would never….never, ever, ever be one of “those people” who did an MLM.

Fast forward to just after I had Leyton, I had become a stay at home mom, and you guys, I needed more than non-stop baby mode, all the time.  I’ve worked since I was 14.  I’ve always kept busy.  So as much as I love my son and wouldn’t trade being home with him for anything, I needed something for me.  I had the blog but that was a solo gig.  I needed community and adult interaction.  So, I hopped on board with an MLM company (I’m not going to name names because I don’t want to give them bad press, but if you know me or have been following along for a while, you probably know which they are).  I actually couldn’t believe how easily I agreed to sign on to sell.  Me!  The girl who was never going to sell.


For one, I really did like this company’s products.  I still use them and think they are great.  But it wasn’t long before I found that they were very much about the, message everyone you know and ask if they can “help you out and sample some things because you want feedback.”  Ugh!  There it was.  That super sleazy, obvious sales tactic.  I was immediately turned off.  I refused and instead simply shared about how I enjoyed the products on social media.  But, I quickly found that I just wasn’t in love with their products enough to continue to put in the work to sell, and I was never going to be okay with their approach of recommending we cold message people.  Now, not everyone does but I didn’t even like that they suggested it. So I stopped.

At this point however I had learned that I actually liked the MLM structure.  I enjoyed getting to help people and seemingly own my own business, and I loved the creativity that came with sharing about it on social media.  So I asked myself, “what combines that with products I love, but doesn’t encourage nagging people?”  This led me to turn to another MLM company whose products I was currently using and loving, so I jumped in with two feet.  I was welcomed with open arms by such an amazing community of people who helped and supported me along the way and never told us to cold message people.  But I’ll be honest, their business model was lacking for me.  Ugh!  I felt like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  One porridge was too hot, one was too cold.  I needed that one that was juuuuust right! (Now, I should point out that I still sell this product and still very much love and believe in them.  I just started to lose the fire to continue to put in the work when the reward from their business model didn’t seem to match).



Then, it happened.  Truth is I had been using Monat for over a year but I fought selling them because by the time I had used them long enough to know I loved them I was already involved with the other two MLM companies and didn’t feel I could add one more to my plate.  But you guys, it ate at me.  I was finding it was so easy to share about these products, and I was getting so many hair compliments in the process.  I never believed in a product so badly in.my.life!  So finally, I said the heck with it, I’m sharing about them anyways, I might as well make something of it, and the rest is history.


What I quickly found was that Monat was my warm, perfect porridge!  It checked all my MLM boxes!  Great products that work?  Check.  Great business structure?  Check. Great community of people?  Check!  But there was one more box I needed to check.  You know the one…..Do they want me to use sale tactics like randomly messaging people?  Nope!  Never. As in, they actually tell us, DO NOT DO THAT!  Just share your hair.  And you guys I was doing that anyways!!  I mean heck, it’s on my head.  I was a walking advertisement without even trying to be.  Any sharing I do on social media is just extra and something I enjoy doing (I mean hello, once a news reporter and content creator always one).  I love sharing about Monat and LOVE helping people get great hair.  No part of this ever seems like work.


But what I have found is that because it’s an “MLM” and people have been burned by those in the past (as was I) it’s getting a bad rap. And I’m here to say, no.  This one is different, and I want to quickly break down why.

1. These Products Work! – Like I said earlier, I have pretty much tried every product from every MLM out there at least once.  What I found was, I was spending good money for products that really didn’t do what they promised.  But you guys, Monat’s products, and the results I and countless others have had from them, are the reason I signed on to sell. I mean look my before and after pictures…..

IMG_3808Sure, I could have just used them and went on my merry way, but they are so good and I’ve seen such great outcomes that I wanted to be part of getting them into the hands of others (and okay yeah, it doesn’t hurt to get paid in the process if I’m going to be sharing anyways). I would gladly pay 3 times the price for these products.  They’re that good.

2. No Autoships! – Ever since I used Proactive as a teenager and kept getting sent monthly shipments that I couldn’t adjust to my needs, and ended up with 5 toners but never enough facewash, I knew I loathed autoships.  Why certain MLM companies continue to require that I will never know.  But Monat only does “flexships” which is just an order of $84 or more 3 times IN YOUR LIFE!  And it’s totally customizable to what you want AND it’s only required for VIP’s.

3. No Cold Messaging! – I repeat, we do not cold message.  There is nothing more annoying on this planet!  No one wants to be bugged and pressured to buy.  Why anyone continues to use this sales tactic I will never know either.  I never ever want to feel like I made someone buy something.  I want you to WANT the products not buy them out of obligation.  Instead, knowing their product speaks for itself, Monat simply tells us to use what’s known as Attraction Marketing, where you simply share, tell about what it is and how it works, and show our own results, and attract people (in real life and/or social media) who want the same for their hair.  It’s 2019 you guys.  People know where to find you if they want your product.  You don’t need to be annoying.  If anyone with Monat does ever message you asking you to buy products know that’s on them. They are never encouraged to do that.  You also don’t have to hold parties or ask others to host parties.  You do what works for you.  Personally, I like sharing on social media so that’s what I do.  There are no rules.  Just have fun.

4. No Requirement to Sell – I know with some companies if you want the best discount you have to agree to sell.  But not with Monat.  You can buy a product pack and get 30% off for life, no questions. You only sell if you want to.

5. No Inventory to Keep or Quotas to Hit – If you do decide to sell there’s never inventory you have to keep like some companies require, and if you hit certain quota’s you move up in rank but you never HAVE to.  It’s all about how little or how much you want to put into it.

6. They are Huge on Personal Development – I can’t speak for other MLM’s as much on this but all I know is that Monat encourages you to always to be growing and improving and bettering yourself.  I am a personal development junkie and I love that I have a community of people who not only support that but encourage it and offers suggestions.


So those are my main points friends!  I’m sure I’m forgetting some other things I wanted to say but that’s it in a nutshell.  And this is not to slam all other MLM’s out there.  Like I said before I did two others.  They aren’t all bad.  But speaking from experience Monat has been such an exception to the rule and I wanted to clear the air, making sure you knew they are not the typical MLM everyone is sick of. These safe, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty free products and this company are almost too good to be true.  But, I’ve been using them for almost two years with no plans of ever turning back.  They are worth their weight in gold and they have done the unimaginable….transformed my hair to the healthiest it’s ever been, and made me, the biggest MLM skeptic out there, a total believer.

If you read to the end, I thank you!  If you ever have any questions or want to know more about Monat don’t hesitate to reach out on here, Instagram, FB or email me.  Have a great rest of the week, and I’ll see you back here Friday!



xo, Jill
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