Happy Wednesday friends!  It dawned on me yesterday that we more than a quarter of the way into the new year and I thought what better time to check in on how I’m doing with my New Year’s resolutions and in full transparency share with you all how they are going!  I can tell you I have not kept up with several of them as well as I would have hoped, so I’m hoping that by doing this it will hold me accountable to maybe put forth a better effort over the next quarter.  So let’s get to it!  Oh and because it’s boring to just read a blog post with no pictures, I’ve included some recent pictures I love :).

And if you missed the original post you can read my full list of 2019 resolutions here.

So first up…..

1. Be more intentional

Ehhhh maybe??  This one is hard to measure and is really more of a feeling.  Do I feel as though I have been intentional with my time?  If I had to be totally honest, no I don’t feel I have been that intentional compared to 2018, with how I spend time, money, etc.  So the verdict on this one…..keep working on it!


2. Get things done in advance

Hahahaha!  Who was I kidding!! You guys, once a procrastinator always a procrastinator.  It’s in my blood.  I have always been this way.  Despite my best intentions and grandiose plans of getting things done early it simply does.not.happen.  I’ll keep working on it but I’m not having huge expectations for this one.

3. Getting a system down for saving photos

I’ll just say this….my phone refuses to back up because my icloud storage is full.  Sooo that would be a big fat no.  But I’m working on it and I did buy physical albums to put pictures in.  Because you know, I can’t save photos to a hard drive but apparently I’m going to sit down and order photos, pick them up, and stuff them in individual sleeves in an album.  But a girl can dream right?  Verdict…..not giving up hope on this one.  And let’s seriously hope nothing happens to my phone before I get stuff saved to the cloud.

4. Go to bed earlier/get up earlier

Okay this one is a yes and no but I am determined to stick with this one and make it a habit.  I have some nights when I do go to bed earlier and most mornings I am getting up an hour earlier, but this could be better.  So the verdict here…..needs improvement, but I’m sticking with it!  I’m going to make myself a morning person some day if it’s the last thing I do haha.


5. Read more

So at the beginning of the year I signed up for the Goodreads app reading challenge where you make a goal for how many books you’re planning to read this year. I set my goal at 24…..I’m at 0 completed so far.  I don’t know why I’m so bad at this one because I want to read all the books!  I honestly think between trashy tv and social media I just don’t prioritize it.  The other day I finally said, enough! I have a ton I want to read and darn it I’m going to!  So last night I started The Last Mrs. Parrish so hopefully that kicks me into gear.  So verdict is…..working on it!


6. Workout/eat better

Wow, are there any I’ve stuck to?  To be fair though I am slowly getting back to this one.  I was working out for several weeks then fell off the wagon.  Then I took a hiatus and ate terribly and consumed lots of wine and needless to say all my pants are snug and I’m nowhere near summer ready.  So I ran today and threw away a batch of cookies I made so I wouldn’t have the temptation.  So the verdict is…..I’m getting there and definitely working to stick to this one!

7. Daily gratitude/Bible time

Yes!  Finally one I’ve stuck with!  Well….partially.  I can proudly say I have been doing my daily gratitude . The Bible time I’m desperately trying to start including in my routine more often and in fact, I’m starting an online Bible study today!  So check back in a couple months and hopefully I’ll be happily saying I’ve stuck to this one fully.


8. Clear cutter

I feel like this one is kind of ongoing and a work in progress but yes, to some degree I have done this.  I do a little each week and I love doing it so the verdict here is…I’m working on a little at a time.


9. Prioritizing how I spend my time/ time management

This is another yes and no one.  I’m not perfect at it but I am striving to get better at this each day.  I definitely have days when my time management sucks and I get caught in the endless social media scroll but I’m trying to be more mindful of it and stop myself when I realize I’m doing it.  So the verdict here is…..I’m a work in progress and old habits die hard but I’m continually striving for it.

10. Say YES to more opportunities I believe in/love

Yes!!!  I can say I have been sticking to this one.  I’m still doing all the things with blogging and influencing and I’m still loving being part of Monat and working that business daily.  I have had some blogger opportunities come up that have been so fun and am working on some upcoming collaborations as well.  This one has been such an easy one to stick with because I truly enjoy it so much.


Okay friends, so there we have it.  As you can see I’m not perfect, and resolutions are hard to stick to!  Sadly, I almost forgot I even made half of these.  I think it’s normal to start a new year with visions of grandeur and lose sight of that vision as the days go on.  But I’m so glad I did this check in because it allowed me to revisit it and strive for better over this next quarter.


Before I go I want to leave you with this…..I was listening to a podcast yesterday in which the guest on the show was talking about celebrating your wins, and at the end of the year he lists 35 wins over the past 12 months.  He encourages us to write out our wins, hang it up somewhere and read it everyday.  What happens, he believes, is that in doing this practice you’ll start to think of all the reasons you CAN win because of all the things you’ve already done.  In turn you’ll keep winning because you’ll be focused on it.

If you don’t want to wait to the end of the year another practice is to start writing down 3 wins each day.  They can be as small as being on your phone less or as big as signing a new client in your business.

So as a bonus resolution I’m going to start implementing this practice either daily and see if it helps.  I bring this up because while typing out this resolution update it would be really easy for me to see how many I haven’t stuck with and get down on myself and feel uncommitted, or like a total slacker.  But instead I’m going to choose to look at the positives and focus on what I am succeeding at.  So just some food for thought if you are in a similar boat.

Alright all that does it for today.  If you read through to the end I thank you!  I’ll see you back here Friday!



xo, Jill
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