Happy Saturday friends!  A few weeks ago I shared my must have travel items and it was such a hit, I figured this one was necessary too!  When we went to Hilton Head a few weeks ago I realized beach days, while fun, are sort of a total pain in the you know what!  A lot of hauling things around and getting covered with sand, for not much time spent there.  So, I went on a hunt for items that would make trips to the beach a little more easier and functional, which led to this post.  Today, we are looking at my must have beach finds!

Below you’ll find a collage of all the items I have found that I either personally use, or think would be really awesome for any trip to the beach.  I tried to keep it simple, but of course Amazon has so many things I could have easily added. 

The links to shop each item can be found below the graphic and corresponds to the number.  So, let’s get to it!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links meaning I earn a small commission when you purchase from them.


  1. Beach Tote – Amazon has so many options but I love all the pockets on this one.
  2. Sand Coasters – Okay, these are genius!  Stick it in the sand and place your beverage in it so it doesn’t get sand on the bottom (which is the worst, am I right?).
  3. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I have one similar to this and they are so convenient for on the go and the charge tends to last so long.
  4. Backpack Cooler – Who wants to lug a huge cooler to the beach on top of everything else?  A backpack cooler is the perfect solution.
  5. Mesh Bag – Great so a ton of sand doesn’t pile up in it like most beach bags.
  6. Wet Bag – These are awesome for storing wet items until you can wash them.
  7. Protective Phone Case – I always use a Ziploc bag to protect my phone but this is a little nicer 🙂
  8. Waterproof Playing Cards – For fun in the sun!
  9. Town Baskets – We have these and use them for Leyton’s water/beach toys and they are perfect!
  10. Clip on Fan – Great for those super hot days to clip on a chair or stroller.
  11. Tote with Cooler – I liked the size of this one and the fact that it has a mini cooler included.
  12. Utility Wagon – Perfect for getting all.the.things to the beach, or the kids when they don’t want to walk.
  13. Portable Trash Can – This is really made for in your car but you could easily take it along to the beach.
  14. Beach Chair Organizer – To keep things nearby and within reach.
  15. Portable Picnic Table – I love this idea for keeping sand out of your drinks and food.
  16. Portable Baby Chair – My best friend got us this when Leyton was a baby and it’s perfect for anywhere on the go, but especially the beach so they can eat on the tray without sand in their food.
  17. Portable Beach Lounge Chair – I like the idea of this and the fact that it has an organizer on the back.
  18. Sand Free Beach Blanket – You had me at sand free 🙂 But seriously, I’ve heard great things about these and it’s so much easier than towels.

Alright friends, that does it!  Just some of my must have beach finds for making those trips easier.  If you have any beach plans this summer, safe travels!  And, let me know if you come across anything awesome for me to add to this list.  If you liked this post, be sure to pin it so you have it to reference later and be sure to follow me on Pinterest while you’re there.  Have a great weekend!


xo, Jill
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