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Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I’m so so excited for this post because for me it totally signifies the start of the holiday season.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve been listening to Christmas music since Halloween, we are starting to decorate the house now, and the real holiday kick off time I know is after Thanksgiving, but in the blog world the real start to the holiday season is when we bust out…..

Holiday Gift Guides!!

This is one of my favorite segments of the year and I have been scouring the internet to bring you allll the great finds and to hopefully help you knock out some shopping early!  I have a whole gift guide series I’m bringing you over the next week or so, sure to cover everyone on your list, but today we are kicking it off with…..

Gift Guides for Kids!

Because there was so much, I decided to separate this into 3 categories: Kids in general (neutral toys), girls, and then boys.  Links to shop are located below each graphic and correspond with the number next to each item.  So here we go!

Kids neutral

  1. Frozen 2 Toy Set
  2. Tablet – Leyton saw this at Staples the other day and could not stop playing with it!
  3. Gravity Maze – Great STEM gift.
  4. Crayola Ultimate Light Board
  5. Air Hockey Table – I remember loving these as a kid.  Adults and kids would enjoy it equally.
  6. Crayola Color Chemistry Set
  7. Veggie Tales 10 Movie Collection – good wholesome movies kids enjoy and parents can feel good about them watching.
  8. My First Magic Show – I thought this would be so cool. I love magic.  There is also a more deluxe version here.
  9. Mr. Bucket – I had this as a kid and loved it!  It’s on Leyton’s list this year.
  10. Gumball Machine Maker
  11. Coding and Computer Science Kit – the blogger in me got too excited for this!  Coding!  Another great STEM toy.

All Things Cozy-2

  1. Girls Outfit – Free shipping with code: VERYSPECIAL
  2. Play Kitchen – This is one of the better play kitchen’s I’ve seen.  They have come a long way since I was a kid.  This one is too cute!
  3. Gymnastics Barbie
  4. Barbie Closet and Doll
  5. Gold Boots – Comes in 2 colors (gold and blue).  Free shipping with code: VERYSPECIAL
  6. Fashion Plates – I had these when I was a kid and loved them.  I love that they are still a thing!
  7. Heart Purse – Free shipping with code: VERYSPECIAL
  8. Elsa Pillow
  9. Polly Pocket Mega Mall – I had so many Polly Pockets as a kid.  They were the best.  So glad they’ve made a comeback.
  10. Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Peculiar Pets
  11. Vtech Karoke Machine
  12. Baby Alive – another classic any little girl would love.
  13. My Little Pony – ahhh the nostalgia!

All Things Cozy-3

  1. Magna Qubix – These are always at play places I take Leyton to and all the kids love them.  It’s magnetic building blocks that you make structures with.
  2. Tricycle
  3. Toy Story Hot Wheels
  4. Baby Fleece Booties – Comes in a ton of colors.  The little boy I watch for my friend sometimes has these and they are amazing.  So warm and super easy to get on and off and machine washable. I wish I had them when Leyton was a baby.
  5. Piano Learning Kit – Obviously this could be for boys or girls.
  6. Melissa & Doug Play Pizza Set
  7. Kid K’nex Building Set
  8. Striped Pajamas
  9. Pop A Shot – I loved these when I was little and we have a giant one in our basement from when Eric was younger.  It’s fun no matter the age.
  10. Avengers Electronic Fist
  11. Duplo Legos – Leyton loves the Duplo Lego sets
  12. Lincoln Logs – A classic that never goes out of style.  Great for all kids.

Alright friends, whew!  That does it for this first round of gift guides.  Check back Friday for another round, and if you aren’t already, subscribe to my email list (you can do so on the right hand side) to receive exclusive content before anyone else and before I post it on social media.  I hope this helped with the little ones on your list!



xo, Jill
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