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Hi friends!  I’m bouncing back from a 24 hour stomach bug in a fun way, by finishing up my holiday gift guides!  By the way, stomach bugs are no joke. I hate being sick (not that anyone enjoys it) but more than that I hate how behind it makes me.  So, I’m playing catch up because Christmas is not far away!  So, in case you still need ideas here are some for the men in your life and stocking stuffers.  I’ll be wrapping up the week with gifts for her, beauty gifts, and my favorites!

So, without further ado here are the gift guides for him and stocking stuffers, and as always links to shop are below the picture and coordinate with the number in the picture.


  1. Wireless cooking meat thermometer
  2. Magnetic wristband
  3. Tartan plaid Slippers
  4. Andar Wallet – use code JILL15 for 15% off.  I got this wallet for Eric last year and he loves it!  It has so many cool features.  All of their items are awesome!  We are big Andar fans.  Guy wins all around.
  5. YETI insulated stainless steel colster
  6. Golf putting green
  7. Breakfast sandwich maker – I watched the video on this and it seems super easy to use and make.  What guy wouldn’t love a breakfast sandwich?
  8. Monat Men’s line – comes with 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, aftershave, shave cream, and sculpting clay.  Email me ( for help ordering.
  9. Back and neck massager
  10. Metal meat claws
  11. Black letter mug
  12. Fossil watch

Okay and now onto the stocking stuffers.  I did a mix of things for men, women, and kids here.

stock stuff

  1. Bow earrings
  2. Black deck of cards
  3. Andar AirPods case – again use code: JILL15 for 15% off
  4. Monogram coaster
  5. Flavored toothpicks
  6. Leopard reusable tote
  7. Andar cord burrito – I love the idea of this especially for travel.  Code: JILL15 for 15% off.
  8. Jade Roller
  9. Nail polish holder – this is genius for when you paint your own nails.
  10. Headphone carrying case
  11. Led phone ring light
  12. Scavenger Hunt card game for kids

Alright friends, that does it for this round.  I hope you found some helpful items if you are still on the hunt for men or stocking stuffers.  Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for her and for mom/mother-in-law.



xo, Jill
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