Favorite Cleaning Gadgets Under $25

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Great cleaning gadgets don’t have to be expensive. These cleaning products tackle chores easily without breaking the bank!

Great cleaning gadgets don’t have to be expensive. These cleaning products tackle chores easily without breaking the bank! I love a good cleaning gadget to make chores easier especially when they are super affordable. Plus, dare I say a good cleaning tool makes cleaning house more fun?!

Favorite Cleaning Gadgets Under $25 from JillComesClean

My Favorite Cleaning Gadgets Under $25

Soap Dispensing Brush

You know I love these soap dispensing brushes! Fill with your favorite cleaner and use for quick clean ups all around the home. I love them for cleaning bathroom sinks or easily cleaning the shower when you’re in it.

Skinny Duster

This skinny duster reaches all of the tight spaces that most vacuums and dusters can’t, but it can also be used for ceiling fans, baseboards, trims, and more.

Active Wash Tablets

These cleaning tablets are great to use about once a month to clean your dishwasher or washing machine.

Mist Spray Bottle

I love to fill this misting spray bottle with distilled water and combine it with a tight-weave microfiber to clean glass, mirrors, and electronics.

Microfiber Slippers

Clean your floors as you walk with these microfiber slippers! The bottoms can be removed to be washed and they are great to wear with mopping so you don’t leave footprints behind.

Reusable Swiffer Mop Pads

These reusable swiffer pads come in a pack of two and velcro onto a swiffer (or similar style mop) and can be used dry or damp to clean floors, baseboards, and walls.

Dusting Gloves

Microfiber gloves are great for easily cleaning light fixtures, and fake plants.

Broom Dustpan

A broom and dust pan is a staple cleaning product and this dustpan is my favorite because the teeth clean off the bristles and the tall handle makes it so you can stand and sweep and not have to bend low and it snaps together for easy storage.

Pan Scrapers

I love these little scrapers to get stuck on food off dishes and pans.

Chainmail Scrubber

If you have cast iron pans, you need one of these chainmail scrubbers. They are a great way to bust off stuck on food and they themselves rinse clean easily.

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