A Quicker Way to Dust Your Home

Are you looking for a quicker way to dust your home?

I was hesitant to use one of these for the longest time but wow is it a game changer for this housecleaning chore! I am able to go over so many more surfaces faster than if I was just using a cloth.


How To Dust Your Home When You’re Short On Time

Ideally, when I’m dusting my home, I like to work with a damp microfiber cloth – it works so much better than a dry cloth and is more detailed! But I don’t always have time for that, which is where this handy duster comes into play!

This duster kit comes in a set with several attachments to help you get your whole home dusted easily, from top to bottom. You can get to the dust on your ceiling fans, corners of the wall, baseboards, around small objects on shelves, the surface of your electronics, under the fridge – anywhere that needs to be dusted, this thing can reach it!

I mist my duster with a little water so that it attracts dust better – it may not be as detailed as a damp microfiber cloth, but it gets the job done quickly!

xo, Jill
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