Happy Wednesday friends!  I’ve noticed some new followers around here recently so I decided to make today’s post a little “about me” so that anyone that is new can get to know me better.  I always love learning new facts about people and seeing what, if anything, we have in common.  Once you’re done reading I’d love for you to share a fun fact or two about you so I can get to know you better too!  Then head over to my Instagram for 5 bonus facts about me (@ _jillkoch_ ).

If you’re brand new to following me and don’t know anything about me really, then the quick overview is that I’m born and raised in Pennsylvania and after college moved to California to work as a television reporter/ anchor for a local NBC news affiliate.  While out there I met my husband, Eric, who is from Cincinnati, and after our contracts expired at that news station we decided to move back to Ohio.  I got out of television and went back to school for nursing.  I worked for 3 years in the pediatric ICU at our local Children’s hospital prior to having my son, Leyton.  After he was born I made the decision to stay home, and have since started blogging for fun on the side.

I’m a huge advocate for clean living, and also love fashion, and really anything home, family, lifestyle, and sharing about it all in the hopes that others can gain something from it, or relate.  I also love puns and a good play on words so hence the reason I named this clean living, lifestyle blog, Jill Comes Clean

So that’s a brief overview.  Now, onto 10 more facts about me:

  1. I’m an Ambivert – I only recently learned this about myself.  An ambivert is a mix of introvert and extrovert.  We tend to be more introverted, but once in social situations or around other people, we tend to come out of our shell and are really outgoing.  You guys, if that’s not me to a T, I don’t know what is.  When I was younger I was such an extrovert.  Super outgoing, talked to anyone, a major social butterfly, but somewhere along the way the older I got the more introverted I have become.  I’m introverted in that, I am often not the one to suggest getting together, or the first one to strike up a conversation with people I don’t know.  With that being said however, once I am out, or once I am engaging with people, then I’m totally into it and super outgoing, and often times don’t shut up.
  2. I’m afraid of alligators – this is a newer one as I had never really thought of or minded alligators before, but I swear I hear more and more stories of peoples pets getting eaten, or PEOPLE getting eaten by them, and how they will come out of water and chase you down, and no, no, no!  I can’t.  Worse yet, we vacation south a good bit, which of course is gator central and now I’m super paranoid and afraid of them.  Leyton has a toy alligator and just seeing that things creeps me out.
  3. The number 4 follows me everywhere – this is such a random one, but you guys for years now, starting back when I was in high school, the number 4 has followed me.  How you ask?  Some examples are: I always look at the clock at 4:44.  If there’s ever something I have to draw numbers for, I always get 4.  Every.single.time I get on a roller coaster I get the 4th row. My son was born in the 4 o’clock hour, and the weirdest one of them all…..one time we were at Disney and I used a bathroom and when I turned around to flush, the number 4 was etched into the marble wall behind me!!! I have yet to figure out if it’s a good or bad thing, or what if any, significance it holds but it’s legit, and it’s so weird.
  4. I have worked nearly every job out there – Okay so there’s a ton of jobs I haven’t had, but I have worked since I was 14 and I truly feel like I’ve done it all.  I started as a bus girl at restaurant, then worked in the photo development department at Kmart.  Remember when you had to get pictures developed and 1 hour photo was THE thing to do?  Yeah, that was me.  I washed hair at a salon, worked at Dairy Queen, and was the person people paid parking tickets to in college when I worked for campus law enforcement.  I was a TV reporter/anchor.  I worked for an event planner.  I was a server at The Cheesecake Factory, a nurse….and I’m sure there’s some I’m even forgetting.
  5. I used to dislike traveling – It’s true that before meeting my husband I never cared to travel.  I would, but I was never the one to want to travel or plan it.  My husband, on the other hand, grew up traveling a lot.  So he quickly introduced me to the world, and now, shocker, I love traveling!
  6. I have met the most random celebrities – I haven’t met many celebrities in my life but that ones I have are so random.  I think the first celebrity I ever met was Arnold Schwarzenegger when I worked at the TV station in California. He was the Governor at the time so I did a story on him coming to town.  I also met Bill Clinton working that job, when he went out on behalf of Hillary who was trying to run for President that year (2008).  Spoiler, she didn’t get the nomination.  Then I met Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer at an airport bar one time and he was gracious enough to take his picture with me. Eric and I saw Lebron James being interviewed once while in Miami.  I saw one of the actresses from the new 90210 at a restaurant in Miami once, Lynn from the Real Housewives of Orange County in a New York deli, and Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York, along with her husband and daughter were on our flight home from London.  Lastly, I met Joel Osteen at his Night of Hope a few years ago in Cincinnati.  Oh and DMX sat next to us on a plane one time.  All very cool, but just such a weird assortment.
  7. I love vision boards – I love all things personal development and vision boards are no exception.  I totally believe in them and have been doing them for years and have actually had so many things to come true that I’ve had on past vision boards.  For example, before moving to California and meeting Eric I had cut out a picture of the Florida Keys on a vision board.  I guess for the vision of wanting to visit them someday.  Flash forward nearly 3 years later, when Eric decided to propose.  He took me to Miami and got down on one knee, not in Miami….but in Key Biscayne.  One of the keys on my vision board.  Months later when I found that vision board and saw that picture, I had chills.  It still excites me to think of that.
  8. I should have been a cheerleader – If there’s one thing I would go back and do differently growing up, I would have been a cheerleader.  I always loved watching them and always wanted to be one but chose team sports instead.  I played soccer, softball, and field hockey, which was my main sport.  I almost tried out to play field hockey in college but decided not to at the last minute.  I loved all those sports, but to this day my heart still gets a little flutter every time I see a pom pom.
  9. I think sleeve tattoos are hot – This one makes Eric and I laugh because Eric doesn’t have a tattoo on his body, nor do I.  I get bored too easily to have a tattoo.  If I got one I feel like I’d be sick of it after a while, so I never did.  With that being said, sometimes when I see certain celebrities (*cough Adam Levine during the Super Bowl halftime show) take off their shirt and reveal sleeves…..oh man watch out!  I’m sure it’s the whole “bad boy” persona but something about them on guys just gets me.
  10. I’m can’t stand boogers – I mean does anyone like boogers?  But you guys, I can’t.  I can handle blood, and guts, and poop alllll day long, but I truly cannot handle snot or boggers or really anything with a chunk consistency coming from the mouth or nose region.  One time, when working as a nurse, I had a patient cough up a blood clot ( yeah, no that’s not normal), and friends to this day, I cannot eat strawberry yogurt or strawberry jam.  Nope.  Can’t do it. The memory is still too fresh (4 years later).  Even my own son’s snot I’m so grossed out by.  I can handle his more than others, but I’d rather change a poopy diaper any day of the week.

So that’s it!  What are some fun facts about you?  Drop me some in the comments below.  I’d love to learn more about you too.  Have a great rest of the week!  See you back here Friday!



xo, Jill
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