Hi Everyone!  Not sure if it’s cold where you are but here we are bundled up embracing the winter vortex.  So needless to say we are hunkering down and staying cozy.  If you’ve been following along then you know that today is What’s Up Wednesday, where the last Wednesday of every month I link up with Mix & Match Mama, and Sheaffer Told Me To and we answer these questions…..


So let’s get to it!  First up….


This week I’m actually cooking!  Last night I made a crust-less quiche and tonight I’m making one of our absolute favorites…..penne with tomato cream sauce, spinach, and turkey meatballs.  You guys, it may be THE best thing I make!


The rest of the week I’m making my mini turkey meatloaf’s (another huge favorite in our house), a pork loin, and a new teriyaki chicken recipe.  I’m practically Martha Stewart over here this week.  HA!


Warmth!! Like I said earlier we are in the throws of this winter vortex and it is cold!  Like the kind of cold where you go outside and your nose hairs instantly freeze.  So it definitely has me reminiscing about Hilton Head, summer, shorts with flip flops and the beach!



I know I just included it in my Monday Must Haves but I can’t rave about this hair dryer enough!


Originally I’d say I was partial to it because it’s pink, but you guys I would love this if it was puke green.  T3 has a big selection of hair styling tools that you can shop here, but I love this mini dryer because it’s good enough for everyday use but then folds up nicely for travel.  And it’s quiet which is a huge plus!


We have really been laying low.  I feel like we are still coming down from the crazy of the holidays (can I still say that at the end of January?).  We have been looking into kitchen renovation ideas and really just knocking out the daily grind.


Nothing that I can think of!  We have pretty relaxed, simple months coming up so there’s nothing really to dread, thank goodness! But I also try not to take on too much that I dread if I can help it.


I have been busy with all things Monat and the blog lately, so that’s what’s been keeping me busy.  I’m also working on getting the house cleaned, organized, and in order!  I feel like that project is never ending!  I’m also working on a healthy Superbowl snack that I’ll be sharing on Friday along with another blogger friend, so stay tuned!



You guys, it finally happened……I got tickets to Rachel Hollis’s Rise conference this summer and I can’t freaking wait!  After being so bummed last time when tickets were released earlier than expected and so many of us missed them before they sold out, I was determined to get them this time!  It was close (her site crashed and they sold out in 2 hours) but I got them!  Whew!  So I’m so pumped for it, I can’t even tell you.


First up, I’m watching what I’m pretty sure the majority of people in this country are watching right now…..


You guys, this show!  Earlier, when I said I was working on cleaning and organizing,  yeah, really I’m working on doing a full on Marie Kondo to this house.  This series is soooo good and makes me want to pitch everything and get super tidy!  It’s addicting.

In terms of what I’m reading, I’m currently on this book that I shared last week in my Monday Must Haves…..


I’m obsessed!  I’m only a couple chapters in and it’s so good!  John Maxwell makes so many good points!  Fun fact, I’m actually doing a mini book club with a girl I met on Instagram.  It’s been a lot of fun to get to know each other and share our thoughts as we read through this.


I’m still listening to The Kennedy Debutante on Audible (because it takes me forever to finish books apparently), but I’ve also been immersing myself in lots of podcasts lately.  I did a post on my favorite ones last week that you can read here.


I just got these items in from Old Navy and I can’t take them off.  They are all so comfy.  And you just can’t beat Old Navy’s prices.

Gray sweatshirt // Pink Hoodie // Moto leggings


Saturday I think we are going to lay low and I’m sure I’ll be doing more blog/ Monat stuff and more cleaning and organizing.  Then Sunday it’s the Superbowl!  Last year at this time we had a newborn and all I remember of watching the game was the constant feedings, trying to keep Leyton happy and taking turns with Eric, rocking him, trying to get him to fall asleep.  This year he will hopefully be sleeping for the second half, so I look forward to watching it with Eric and just chilling out with some wine.  We are also going to have his cousin and her husband and daughter over for a little play date, which will be fun.


Valentine’s Day!  I know Leyton’s a baby and doesn’t get it but I enjoy any holiday with him and Eric.  Other than that I will look forward to more of the same and being one month closer to Spring :).


Not much!  I’m just continuing to work on developing more content for this blog and my Instagram and building my Monat business. It’s been fun getting to learn and grow and meet so many like minded ladies within those communities along the way.  On another note, I’m considering getting back into BBG workouts.  They are intense but they get results.  So stay tuned next month for whether or not I actually do it :).

So that’s it friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and if you’re in one of these freezing areas, stay warm!  See you back here Friday!



xo, Jill
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10 thoughts on “WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY

  1. Oh, now I want to read that John Maxwell book!! I’ve been watching the Marie Kondo show, too and I’m getting ready to tackle my pantry! Have a great weekend, and STAY WARM!!

    1. You should! It’s so good. The few chapters I’ve read so far already have so much highlighting and underlining. I love when I get a lot out of a book. And ahhh yes the pantry is a good one to tackle. I need to get that one done too :).

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah when it sold out last time I was crushed! Hopefully she holds a few a year next time or at bigger venues so it doesn’t sell out so quickly.

  2. Ah I’m so jealous about the Rise tickets!!! I want to attend one of her conferences in the future for sure! I’m on my third week of BBG and I can feel my body changing for the better. I’m glad you feel like you got results!

    1. Yea luckily I think this is something she will continue to do because they get such a good response and it sounds like they are pretty similar each year. Did you see her Made For More movie? That’s so good too and I think coming out on Netflix or Amazon soon. And yes BBG is the hardest workout I’ve ever done but definitely worth it 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness you will love it!! It really is the best and it’s never insanely crowded which we love. Even in peak season the beach isn’t terribly packed. We stay in the Sea Pines Resort and love it. Everything you’d need is right there but then it’s so close to the main drive too if you need to grab groceries or just want to leave the resort. We love eating at Coast there in Sea Pines and Harbour Town is great. We love The Quarter Deck there right under the famous light house.

  3. Hilton Head is a nice place to go. I’m going to check out that book. I’m also in the middle of a Kon Mari clean up but it’s a slow go because I can only dedicate a couple of hours on the weekends. Nice to meet you!

    1. I agree. We always have a great time. Yea I love that book! And I am the same way with Kon Mari method. It’s great but definitely a process and something to tackle over a period of time. I set out to do the whole kitchen and got like 3 drawers done haha, so in time I hope to tackle it all :). Nice to meet you too! Thanks for checking out my page 🙂

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