Happy Wednesday friends!  I had planned a wellness post of sorts for today, but I’m pushing that to Friday because I did a thing, and got super inspired to get on here and share some of what I got out of it, with you!

If you don’t know by now, I, like the rest of the world, am obsessed with Rachel Hollis.  If you don’t know her, she is the author of Girl Wash Your Face, and if you haven’t read it you are missing out.  Like, you are actually missing out on hard hitting, tell it to you straight, wisdom.  This girl is a game changer.  She is real and tells it to you like a good friend, who’s known you for years, and doesn’t sugar coat to spare your feelings, does.  On a recent podcast of hers she explained how she came about her style of teaching from the mere fact that too many people out there are cheerleaders, whereas she is more of a coach.   Don’t get me wrong cheerleaders are great! They pump us up, encourage us, and give us all the positivity.  We need cheerleaders in our life no doubt.  But in order for us (me) to really put go after and achieve my goals, I (we) need pushed!  I need help getting there.  I need direction.  I need someone yelling at me from the sidelines (well gently yelling….she doesn’t actually yell), but you get my point.  Athletes have a set of skills and talents, but they win championships, and titles, and Olympic medals because those skills and talents are brought out of them, and are put to best use, by a coach.

So when Rachel Hollis announced she was offering life and business coaching…..I laced up my cleats, taped up my ankles, put on the uniform, and I joined that team!

What’s Your Word?

So getting to the topic of this post….yesterday we had our first coaching session, and part of this first class was having us really plan out our year ahead.  Looking at who we want to be, what goals we want to achieve, and so on for 2019.  Friends, this is the kick in the butt I needed, because I can plan and plan and plan in my head, but actually following through with that plan rarely happens.  One of the things she had us do was something I know lots of people have already done at the start of the new year, and that’s to come up with your word.  What one word do you want to guide you throughout the year?  Eric thought I was crazy when I mentioned this, but it’s actually something I’ve discovered more and more people doing.  It serves as a guideline, or reminder of sorts to stay the course with your goals.

Originally, my word was intentional.  I felt so all over the place in 2018 and like I did a lot of things willy nilly and without much intention.  And while I still want to be more intentional throughout the year, I have to come clean……that word wasn’t enough.  It didn’t stick with me day in and out.  It didn’t apply to the majority of my life.  So after doing one of Rachel’s exercises yesterday and thinking about who exactly I want to be in 2019, and what I want the best version of myself to look like, I decided to change my word.  My new word is:


I thought long and hard about this because I wanted a good word!  It’s like your name!  You have it all year (unless you change it like I did with my first one), and it is to encompass a whole lot of things you have planned for yourself.  I looked up synonyms to it to see if I could get anything a little more snazzy, but I kept coming back to this one.  So I committed, to committed (okay and it allows me to make jokes??  I like it already!).

I chose committed because when I wrote down all the things I want to do and be in 2019 I realized that I can do it.  I can be successful with my plans, but I have to be committed.  Not only committed to the goals and aspirations, but committed to the process.  If I want to cook meals every night of the week for my family, I have to commit to meal planning and grocery shopping, and making the meals.  If I want to spend more time playing with Leyton during the day I have to commit to putting the phone down when he’s playing and I’m scrolling social media.  If I want to get back to pre-baby shape, I have to commit to working out at least three times a week, eating healthy meals, and drinking enough water.  So you see my point.  I have to commit every.single.day.  And I’m not naive.  I know that I’m probably just currently on a high from Rachel’s teaching.  I know I will lose motivation, and have days when I’m tired, or lazy, or hungry for cinnamon rolls.  I know me.  I know life.  It won’t come easy all 365 days.  But that’s why I have my word.  To remind myself, when I want to take the easy way out, or slack off, or leave the house a mess, or not follow my schedule, that I COMMITTED!  I signed up for the team.  I went through tryouts. I came to play.

Do you have a word for 2019?  I’d love to hear what other words people are using.  Have a great Wednesday friends!  See you back here Friday.



xo, Jill
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