Hello!  I have rejoined the living!  We are going to consider that a mini sabbatical, and honestly it was just what I needed to revive myself and come back refreshed, and ready to finish out this year strong!

I won’t lie to you, sometimes juggling this blog, Monat, and growing both businesses while trying to keep a clean house and attempt to cook more meals, while also being in great shape, oh and making sure I give my child, dog, and husband enough love and attention, is TOUGH!  Truth be told it all caught up with me.  I am a work in progress at time management but darn it I am determined!   And then on top of it all we were on vacation this past week and Lord knows this sweet blog definitely got pushed to the back burner for that.  But, if ever there was a time to come back….it’s today!  Because…..


It’s October 1st!  Not only that, it’s the last quarter of the year and I don’t know about you but I am ready to finish out this year strong!

You may remember that last year I did a post on the Last 90 Days challenge put on by Rachel Hollis.  Well, it’s back!  In full disclosure I did NOT do a good job with it last year, but with my sights set on new goals and more accountability this year, I’m coming for you October, November, and December!

So, here’s the premise….you know how we all start a new year with such motivation and excitement?  The start of January comes with so much hope and promise attached to it.  Well, Rachel’s idea is that we should never ease up, but we do inevitably, and that’s okay! But let’s get back on the horse to finish the year as strong as we started.

My typical excuse is always, well I gave it a good try, but here we go, headed into Halloween candy season, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas cookies and……let’s just call it a loss and try again next year.  But friends…..


We are better than this!  We need to stop believing these lies!  You can start fresh any darn day of the week.  So, here we go!

Now, I should first say, I love Rachel’s Last 90 Days challenge but I’m tweaking it to be more geared to my personal goals.  But, if you want a great place to start I highly recommend doing hers.  You can learn more about it here, but the gist is that for the next 90 days you commit to what Rachel calls the 5 to Thrive…..


On top of this if you join her challenge she sends an email every Monday discussing the theme for the week along with resources and free content.  And then daily you can tune into their live daily show on Instagram or Facebook where they will talk good habits, persistence, busting down limiting beliefs, etc.

So for me, I’m taking Rachel’s idea and some of her 5 to Thrive and personalizing it a bit.  So here’s my personal Last 90 Days challenge.  For the next 90 days I am committing to…..

1. Getting up an hour earlier each morning (this is sort of all encompassing with daily gratitude because I do this during this time)

2. Drinking 1/2 my weight in ounces of water

3. Working out at least 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes

Okay, those I stole from Rachel.  Some additional ones I’m adding are….

4. Reading at least one book a month

5. Listening to some form of personal development daily

6. Working my business for at least an hour a day

7.  Taking time each day to disconnect and spend uninterrupted time with Leyton

8. Eating better, not snacking after 8pm and limiting wine to weekends

I feel like I could go on forever but I also know myself and know that if I get too detailed and goal oriented then I’m likely to stick to none of them.  I like these because they are spread out throughout the day and have a little flexibility.

Do you do any challenges like this?  If not and you’d like to start, I’d love for you to join me in accountability!  Send me a message or connect with me on social media and let’s finish out this year strong together!  Thanks for stopping by!  See you back here later in the week.



xo, Jill
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