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Happy Saturday friends! Is it feeling like spring where you live yet? We had so many teaser days last week but we are back to chilly this weekend. It has to make the switch for real soon, right? The good news is, although it may not feel like spring all things around us are pointing to the season. Spring cleaning is upon us, Easter is next weekend so the spring/Easter decor is out and Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is still going strong!

It’s a smaller sale compared to some of their others but there have definitely still been some great deals. I’m continuing to add deals each day to my storefront so if you haven’t checked it out yet click the link below. It’s now through Monday and I’ll continue to add to my lists and share finds on social media too. Now, let’s take a look at what else has been happening over on Jill Comes Clean.

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Unpopular Opinion

It’s an age old chore that some do monthly, some do once a year and some never do at all. See what it is and where I stand on it.

3 Scrub Daddy Life Hacks

They are my favorite sponges and now they just got even better with these 3 tips.


How do you remove ink stains?


I went live last week and this was hands down the most asked question. Ink can be tricky, depending on the surface and the type of ink. On hard surfaces I’ve had luck with aerosol hairspray or rubbing alcohol (not on painted surfaces though) and on carpet I’ve had luck with WD-40 and Amodex (this was mostly for Sharpie though) and they did require some patience and wiping with a wet rag. For clothing a good detergent or stain remover might help and I recently discovered my favorite stain remover also has a specific ink version. It’s linked below. I’ll try it out and report back.

shop ink stain removers

Furniture Jacks (and Jill)

Where have these been all our life?! Furniture jacks are perfect for cleaning under furniture, moving area rugs in and out and so much more! I also found the best tool for cleaning ceiling fans and it works for baseboards, trim and corners too.

3 Genius Kitchen Gadgets

I may not love to cook but I do love a useful kitchen tool! Here are 3 awesome additions including a 2 in 1 grease drainer and colander, the best sink drainer and strainer and a food scale that tells macros and nutrition information.

Detox & Debloat

After seeing so many share about it I finally decided to try the JS Health Detox & Debloat Supplements for myself and I’m loving them! You can take daily as a supplement or as needed to bring down bloat and discomfort. I love having them on hand for the days I over indulge and for travel.
Use code: 15offjill

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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