The Anti-Cleaning Schedule

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Are you in need of a cleaning checklist or schedule to help you maintain a clean home? For years I have gone back and forth on how to create the perfect cleaning schedule. After many attempts I realized something…..there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all routine or schedule! Everyone’s home, lifestyle and time is different.  It’s unrealistic to say, “we’re cleaning a room a day for 6 days” because you might have more than 6 rooms. Or, your schedule may not allow for daily cleaning and you might prefer to knock it all out in one day. And some people may like to schedule a little each day while others just want a checklist to work through when they have time. So, if you couldn’t tell I’m very anti-cleaning schedule and more in support of a checklist of the things that we should strive to get done each day/week/month. This way you do can them do at your pace, when your schedule allows.

And because I know some are checklist people, some are calendar people and some are neither, I’ve created multiple anti-cleaning schedule printables to help you decide which works best for you. A breakdown of each is below, followed by the link to print them out. Happy cleaning!

Which Anti-Cleaning Schedule Are You?

The Checklist Option

Whether you want to do it all in one day, a few days, or a little each day this checklist is for you! It allows you to see what should get done when so you can simply move through the list and check off as you go.

The Calendar Option

If you do prefer a little more of a schedule this is for you.  The checklist items are on the side. Simply plot them on the calendar to plan out when you’ll do them.  Have fun with it and use highlighters or dot stickers to color coordinate.

The Tracker Option

You can use this two ways.  Either as a way to track daily cleaning habits (assigning each flower to a different habit and coloring a petal for each day you do that task), OR to track the cleaning of a certain room.  For example: one flower is labeled “bathroom” and each petal is a different task (tub, sink, toilet, shower) and you color the petal as you complete the task.  

Are you ready to try my Anti- Cleaning Schedule?! If so, the printables are below! You can choose the one for you and just print that one or try all three (there are also blank versions provided). Hopefully between the options there’s a method that works for you to make it easier to stay on top of cleaning!

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xo, Jill
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