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Happy weekend friends! Is anyone else in disbelief and starting to sweat a little that Thanksgiving is in 5 days?! Which means Christmas is just a little over a month away! I know time flies as we get older but it seems extra fast this year. That means this is the last newsletter before Thanksgiving so let me just wish you and your family and happy and wonderful holiday. I am so so thankful for YOU! Thank you for being here and being the best, most supportive community.

And speaking of Thanksgiving…’s beginning to look a lot like Black Friday! I’m scouring the lists and sales to bring you the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday but so many retailers have launched early deals. I’ll share a few below to get us started and I’ll of course be sharing even more on Instagram and on my Facebook Page and group.

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From Amazon to Kohls, QVC and more there are lots of great deals already happening. Click below to check them out.

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2 Amazing Food Hacks

I learned these a few weeks ago and my mind was blown! Check out 2 food hacks that may shock you. The ketchup one really surprised me.

How to Clean Oven Door Glass

If you have stains between the glass of your oven door then you know how hard that is to clean. Here is a step by step guide that may help (depending on your door type)


What is the best way to remove grease/oil stains from clothing?


I’ve had this question in the past and ran into this issue myself earlier this week. I had heard Dawn Power Wash works but sadly I did not have much success with this. Instead what worked for me was Carbona ( the best stain remover that has removed the toughest of stains for me) and so many of you also recommended Lestoil. I need to try that one. Regular blue Dawn dish soap might also do the trick (it’s more concentrated and great for stains).

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Easily Brighten Whites

Dingy whites are the worst. In the past I shared liquid bluing as a favorite for brightening whites and now I found another option too.

Meal Must Have

If you are hosting for the holidays you know trivets are a must when passing the turkey and stuffing. Here are 2 of my favorite trivet options for your table.

The Best Mixing Bowls

I love any time I find bowls and kitchen gadgets that are stainless steel or glass. These mixing bowls are not only stainless but also can be microwaved with their glass lid. And the special outer coating keeps them from getting hot on the outside.

Bloom Towels

Bloom Towels has the CUTEST Christmas collection out right now. Use code: JILL15 to save. They are a cute addition to your home but make great gift ideas too!

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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