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I swear I was just sending you emails about my excitement for summer to begin and now here we are, winding down with school starting for many this month. Time flies when you’re having fun, sure, but I’m starting to think it’s just flying regardless. Not to worry though because no matter the season we are still having fun doing all sorts of things over at Jill Comes Clean. Read on to see some of what you may have missed and something fun at the end 🙂

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Favorite Cleaning Tools Under $25

I love any cleaning tool that makes a task easier. Here are some of my favorites that don’t break the bank but still help knock out chores with ease.

3 Ways to Organize Sheets

Tidy bedding not only looks nice on shelves but helps keep them from being super wrinkled when you put them on your bed. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to organize sheets based on your type, space and budget.

Ask Jill | Jill Comes Clean


What is the best way to clean window tracks?


You can use a vacuum cleaner or a sponge or toothbrush style detailing brush but my favorite if they are really dirty is a steamer! They come with attachments that work for window tracks and they really get into the crevices and tight areas and blast the dirt out so you can then wipe clean. And they have tons of other cleaning uses all around the home.

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Best Way to Whiten Whites!

If your whites have gone yellow or dingy over time this is an age old secret for getting them bright again.

Clean with Enzymes!

Enzyme cleaners are one of the best kept secrets for some of the toughest messes include pet stains, grease messes, clogged drains, clothing stains and more!

This Week on Amazon | Jill Comes Clean

Travel Favorites Part 6!

From a hot tools organizer to the best portable charger and a bag belt for easier luggage carrying, I’m sharing more of my favorite travel finds for your next trip or vacation.

Links and Codes | Jill Comes Clean

Bloom Towels has launched a Teacher Appreciation collection! A perfect gift for the teachers in your life. And they recently launched Swedish dishcloths too!

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Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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