Happy Wednesday friends!  It’s the second Wednesday of the month which means it’s time for….


Let’s Look! Where I link up with Shay and Erica and we answer the question of the month.  I’m so excited for this one you guys because today we are looking at….Our Favorite Binge Shows!

Now listen, I am a total TV lover but there’s not too much I binge.  So, when I do binge something, that’s when I know it’s good!  I’m going to break this down into a couple sections.  First, I’m going to start with my favorite shows of all time!!  Hands down, if someone says to me, what’s your favorite show?  Or what’s a show I must see?  It’s these two.  First, up….


I don’t think I ever binged a show like I did Breaking Bad.  This one will always go down as one of my favorite of all time.  Eric disagrees with me.  He liked it, but doesn’t think it’s worthy of the “of all time” label, but I politely disagree.  I can still remember the intensity of this show.  The cliff hanger endings that made you watch “just one more” even though you were already 4 more over than you planned on watching and going on 3AM.  If you haven’t seen this show you are severely missing out!

Next up, in line for greatest of all time that YOU just have to see…..


Ahhh you guys!  Penn Badgeley has never made me love and route for a serial killer so badly in my life!  I’m not kidding you when I say that I binged watched this entire season, in like 30 hours.  I did nothing else with my life.  I don’t know that my child was fed or bathed in that time.  I just watched.this.show!  If you have not seen it, stop what you’re doing, take a sick day from work, and watch it.  You will thank me.  It’s amazing.  But, I should have known Penn would lure me in given that fact that he made me a binger long before YOU, with this obsession…..


I almost totally forgot about this one.  I was late to the party with Gossip Girl but when Netflix became a thing and this was on there man did I get hooked!  Just talking about it makes me want to watch it all over again.  SUCH a good one.

While we are on the topic of dark, twisted shows that I binged, here’s another I flew through and could literally go back and watch again in an instant, I loved it so much.


Maybe it’s because I am a nurse or because it’s just a great show but Nurse Jackie was excellent.  Fun Fact:  People used to tell me all the time that I looked like Edie Falco.  I don’t see it but I do love her and her performance in this was great!

Another dark one I binged around the same time (but admittedly never completed) was…..


I loved The Blacklist in the beginning but I’ll admit as it went on it got super confusing and I lost interest.  So, I never finished it but the first few seasons I loved.  Lastly, for the more serious shows, here is one I can binge anytime…..


In a pre, On Demand, world I couldn’t binge Dateline because it aired once a week.  But now, with On Demand and the “O” Network playing reruns all the time, I can easily get sucked into a Dateline marathon if I’m not careful.  I love these types of shows.  Trying to figure out the case, and always being shocked at who the killer really was or the unexpected turn the case took near the end.  Ah!  I’m here for it any day of the week!

Okay, I’ll move past the sinister stuff onto more lighthearted shows.  Believe it or not, the first show series I would say I ever truly binged was…..


Does anyone remember this show from MTV?  Oh man, nothing made me more excited on a Sunday in high school than when I saw MTV was playing a True Life marathon.  This show was good!

Heading into college years, when certain shows were turned into box sets I easily binged this…..


You could rent these from Blockbuster Video (wow, talk about a blast from the past) so the summer of my junior year in college I rented them and couldn’t wait to get home every night to watch them.  Isn’t the first time seeing a show you absolutely loved the best?

Last up is the category of, “shows I can easily waste an entire day bingeing if I’m not careful”, starting with one of my and Eric’s favorites of all time…..


I mean is there a comedy better than The Office?  I love every single episode of this show and the humor is just so spot on.  And its equally as funny, sucks me in every time counterpart is none other than…..


I mean, are you even American human if you don’t like Friends?  Eric and I often enjoy a Saturday night watching episode after episode of Friends.  My favorites, that I will watch every time are “paste pants” the one where Ross wears leather pants, the one where Ross whitens his teeth, the one where everyone finds out about Monica and Chandler, and the one where Ross and Monica’s cousin (Denise Richards) comes to stay.  But there’s obviously soooo many good ones.  I think the only Friends episodes I don’t care for are the first season.

Alright friends, that does it for today.  I hope you enjoyed this fun little post.  Have a great rest of the week!



xo, Jill
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    1. Ahhh yay! I almost want to rewatch it now! But, that’s a lot of seasons to redive into haha. So glad you liked it too!

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