Happy Wednesday friends!  This post is sort of spur of the moment and not one I was planning on writing but then yesterday I was in the worst funk!  Truth be told I’ve had several of them lately given the quarantine life, and they leave me annoyed, restless and eager to get out of them!  Like many people, I’m not meant to live months on end inside the four walls of my home.  Yes, I can go outside but it’s not enough.  I need to physically leave the premise.  I need to feel like I’m doing something productive with my day aside from all the things I always do.  I’ve learned about myself that it’s quiet time I enjoy, not alone time. So today, I’m sharing with you how to get out of a funk!  I have compiled 20 suggestions that have always helped me, and hopefully help you too.  I’ll warn you, you probably won’t feel like doing any of them, but try because I know they help.

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1. MOVE!

Rachel Hollis always says, when you change your position you change your mind (or something like that). Basically, when you get moving and exercising you release endorphins, the blood flows, and you just physically start to feel better.  Drink your water too!


There is nothing like a good motivational talk to help you feel inspired or like someone gets you!  Search “motivational TED Talks” on YouTube or “motivational podcasts” on Google or Pinterest.  Some of my favorite Podcasts are Ed Mylett, Rachel Hollis, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, and SuperSoul Sunday by Oprah.


It can be so easy to just lay there and scroll, but in all actuality it’s better to put down your phone and do something more productive.  Go charge it in another room while you do something else.  Scrolling will likely only leave you comparing your life to the “picture perfect” feeds and feeling like crap. 


It’s probably the last thing we want to do (give me all the comfort food when I’m moody, am I right?) but healthy foods will actually get you in a better head space.  Lots of processed foods and white sugar aren’t helping your mood or waistline.

5. REST!

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, “learn to rest, not quit” and that is so so true when you are feeling blah.  It can be easy to want to throw in the towel on lots of things that are suddenly annoying you, but don’t!  Simply take some time away from them.  Rest.  Don’t quit.  Come back with a renewed mind another day.

6. VENT!

It pays to have those certain friends or family members you can really blow off some steam with.  Call them up, talk out your feelings.  Even if no solutions are reached just talking it out will feel better.


My personal favorite for how to get out of a funk!  It’s actually scientifically proven that cleaning or organizing a space makes us happier.  I personally find it gives me a sense of control when things are tidy and in order.


This one has taken some practice for me to get into and I can’t say I’m fully on board but I know so many people swear by it, so it must help!  You can find simple meditations on YouTube or I use Audible for easy, daily 10 minute ones.  There is even free meditation by Diddy on Amazon.


This is my go to most times.  Spending some time in the word always gives me some sort of perspective or clarity.  And I totally believe in the power of prayer.


This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.  Maybe it’s as simple as putting on a nice outfit instead of yoga pants for the 7th day in a row, or doing your makeup or styling your hair.  Do a face mask or soak in a bath with some wine.  One of my favorites is painting my nails (if I can’t get them done).  I always feel better about myself with my nails done.


Most times when we are down it’s because we are only looking inward, at least that’s what all the psychological things I read say.  This is a great time to give back.  Go through your home and find things to donate, text a friend a compliment or go through social media and leave nice comments or messages.  What was that line from Clueless?  I mean Shakespeare 🙂 ?  Tis a far far better thing, doing stuff for other people…..


I love to set the alarms on my phone and make the description a positive mantra or affirmation.  Example: I am worthy of high levels of success.  Everyday when that alarm goes off, stop what your doing repeat it and believe it and go about your day.  I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking (even if I don’t always practice it haha).


This was another one I learned from Rachel Hollis.  Make a playlist on your phone only of songs that uplift and motivate you.  The key is to never play it though unless you absolutely need it.  That way, when the songs hit they will have more of an impact to pump you up versus if you listen to them all the time.


This sort of goes in line with cleaning and organizing but completing a task brings a sense of accomplishment that I believe often creates a chain reaction to then want to do other things.  Even if it doesn’t, at least you completed that one.  I feel like I definitely gravitate to things like this for how to get out of a funk.  If you haven’t tried it, I think you’ll find it helpful.

15. READ

I love personal development books for this very reason of keeping my mind right.  My favorite book ever is Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  Her book Power Thoughts is also great!  Here are some other highly recommended books for how to get get out of a funk!


Seems simple enough, but it’s easy to forget how important it is to try and laugh every single day.  It’s proven to make you feel better. Pop in a funny movie, look up comedy on YouTube or follow entertaining accounts on social media.


This one is so so important.  When you are in a mindset of thinking of things you are grateful for you heart has a much harder time being down about things.  I try to write down 10 things I’m grateful for every morning, but if you can’t do that just find points in the day to think about it, or better yet, list 5-10 things in your mind when you first wake up.


This one is obvious but getting outside and getting fresh air and vitamin D is so good for the body and mood.  I also love to do some Grounding,  which is where you stand on grass, dirt, sand, somewhere natural without power sources running under it (so not the sidewalk) in bare feet.  You can look it up, but it has a ton of benefits!

Whew!  Are you still with me?  Okay, let’s round this out.  Here are the final two ways for how to get out of a funk!


This is an old favorite of mine.  Not only do I totally believe that this practice sets things in motion and helps you manifest your dreams, but I think it’s healthy to look ahead and picture your best life.  Hang it somewhere you see it daily and take some time to look at it each day.  When we are looking forward to the future it’s easier to be excited in the present.  This leads to my final tip!


It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or elaborate.  If it is a fun trip or vacation great!  But, even just planning a day out or a gathering with friends will give you something to look forward to (and possibly give you something to plan and take your mind off of things). 

This quarantine time can make it easy for us to think we will never leave the house again but obviously someday we will. Think and plan ahead, and actually I think we will all have a newfound appreciation for taking part in the simplest of activities after this.  So this is your permission to plan something fun once all this crazy is over.

Alright friends, that’s it!  I hope you found this helpful.  Lastly, I do want to recommend practicing most, if not all of these, on a regular basis even when not in a funk.  I think you’ll find that making these 20 tips part of your daily life will keep you energized, keep your mindset right, and help keep you out of funks more often.  It’s not to say it will make things perfect 100% of the time, but it will keep you armed and ready when another “funky” day creeps in.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  If you found this post helpful be sure to Pin It using the image below and follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration, while you’re there!


xo, Jill
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