What’s Up Wednesday!

Happy May 1st! If you’ve been here a while then you know I used to do these What’s Up Wednesday posts each week. They are a fun way to cover a variety of things I want to share with you beyond cleaning and organizing. I got the idea from Shay over at Mix and Match Mama and thought I would bring back the segment. So let’s take a look at life lately and what’s up!

The Shower

This is my least favorite chore! Give me toilets all day long but the shower is such a pain. Lately, I’ve been using this scrubber with a long handle and it makes it so much easier. It’s my go-to for cleaning tubs too. I mix it with a creamy cleaner or some baking soda topped with dish soap. It has two head attachments and the bristle one is good for cleaning grout. An electric scrubber works too.

OH! And want to cut down on hard water build up and soap scum on glass shower doors? This ceramic coating spray is brilliant! Spray on and let sit 2 hours to cure and water will bead off so the doors will stay cleaner longer!

My Life!

Where has this digital calendar been all my life? I’m not typically one for electronic schedules and calendars but this one has changed my opinion. It’s so easy to use, you can color code by family member or by task. It has to-do lists, grocery lists, chores AND it’s a digital picture frame too. Seriously, so good and finally something that keeps me in order better than my paper planner.


Anyone else on the Taylor train? I’m not a full on Swiftie but I have loved her music since Teardrops on My Guitar and think she’s such a talented writer. My favorite albums of hers are 1984, Reputation and Midnights and so far I’m liking this one too, even if I do keep calling it Dead Poets Society haha. So far my favorite songs are Down Bad, Fortnight and The Tortured Poets Department. If you’re listening tell me your favorites in the comments or which album/song of hers is your favorite.

Shark Tank

I’ve been on a huge Shark Tank kick lately, I don’t know why. I put it on in my office while I work and it’s good background television. I also love seeing all the inventions and ideas and see who gets a deal and who doesn’t. It’s a rush haha. I’m also watching Dateline, Friends and Sex and the City reruns at night.

Merit Beauty

I’m not a huge makeup girl so I like simple. I recently found Merit and have been loving it! Everything is so creamy and light while still giving full coverage. I love that it’s not thick and heavy.

Our living room/kitchen eating area redo project! I have been wanting this space transformed for years and it has finally happened! I’ll have a full blog post coming on this with before and afters and details but here’s a sneak peak and the finished project. We used Winding Lane Interiors and they completely nailed it and our vision (okay, a lot of it was my vision because was Eric really envisioning all the pink? Haha no, but he’s a sweet man who goes with it).

Our old setup didn’t work. The furniture was too large and too dark and they just weren’t rooms we enjoyed being in. Now, we never want to leave them! We also had the fireplace redone (the original never worked) so while we are in no hurry for fall/winter, we will be excited to cozy up in this space with a fire going when that time comes.

I’m loving all of these outfits! The PJ set is so soft and comfy and such a cute pattern. Comes in other colors too. The top in the middle photo is a bodysuit and it’s so soft! Perfect for summer with shorts, pants, and skirts. And those overalls! I get so many compliments on them and I love them so much I ordered a second color. Tap or click on each photo to shop.

And that’s what’s up lately! I’m not sure if I’ll do these weekly or every other week so stay tuned for the next one. Also, I’m in the process of putting together some cleaning videos so look for those to hit the blog soon too. Have a great rest of the week!

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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