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When you were a kid did you ever have an age you thought seemed so old and you couldn’t image ever being that age? For me, it was my mid 30’s. I can remember being probably 6 or 7 and hearing my mom mention something about the age of 35 and I thought, “wow, 35! That’s so grown up. So far away!” Well friends, little Jill would be amazed at how fast those years leading to 35 went and, I can’t believe I’m saying this but, if she thought that was considered old don’t tell her she turns 40 in 5 days! 40 always seemed soooo old to me, which makes me laugh because it seems young to me now. Funny how that changes as we get older right? So cheers to 40 and the last year in my 30’s being a wonderful one and thank you all for being part of it.

So that’s what’s coming up, but here’s a look at what you might have missed lately at Jill Comes Clean.

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2 Ways to Keep Bugs Away!

Outdoor living is upon us and these are two options for keeping gnats, mosquitoes and other bugs away.

4 Life Hacks You Might Not Know

From keeping your door mats nice all summer to a better way to a must have for your handbag, backpack or on the go. You’ll love these fun tips and tricks!

Travel Must Haves

If you have summer trips coming up, you’ll love these! The latest must haves for travel.

Easy Fix for Chipped Cabinets

Are your cabinets chipping? This is an easy solution to cover it up until you can get them repaired or repainted.

Easy Upgrade to Household Staple

Tired of boring vent covers in your floors? These are a pretty, easy way to upgrade them.

Bloom Towels

Have you seen Bloom Towel’s Summer Launch? Such fun and cute patterns! The perfect summer addition to your kitchen but also a great end of year/start of summer gift for teachers!
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