In Case You Missed It: A Recap of 2023

It’s seems really weird to be saying Happy New Year to you two weeks in to 2024 but the craziness of the end of the year and the holidays, combined with being on vacation means that my first newsletter of the new year got pushed back a week. But never mind that, we are here now and I hope your new year is off to a great start!

Do you set resolutions? I used to and like most people found I never really stuck with them so instead I write down goals for the year and things I want to accomplish and then pick one overarching thing I want to work on. You’ll be happy to know that this year that thing is my mental organization and procrastination!

I always joke that I’m so organized physically but mentally, oh girl. It’s a disorganized mess up there. So managing my time better and procrastinating less are high priorities in 2024. In the meantime let’s recap some of what you might have missed over the past few weeks.

Did you catch my recap series on Instagram of the past year? These are some of my favorite posts to do because it’s fun to look back and see what all you loved the most. Here are some of the favorites in cleaning, organizing, life hacks, and Amazon finds.

Favorite Travel Finds of 2023

I love all of these so it made me so happy to see you all did too! If you have any upcoming trips these are awesome!

Most Loved Life Hacks

We learned a lot of helpful life hacks this year but these were among the favorites.

Most Loved Cleaning Products

Of course we discovered tons of great cleaning products this year too! These are great to keep on hand year round and for spring cleaning coming up.

Most Loved Organizing Finds

With this being GO month (get organized month) these are some tried and true organizing favorites you all loved last year.

Lately on Instagram | Jill Comes Clean

How to Organize Cabinets

I know so many of us are decluttering and organizing this month and if you are in need of some organizing ideas for your cabinets these are some of my favorites.

Bloom Towels

Bloom Towels is launching their Valentine’s line on Monday and they are SO cute!
Use code: JILL15 to save

Keep up, don’t catch up!

I talked about this on IG this week. The best mantra to remember when it comes to caring for our homes is to keep up, don’t catch up! This doesn’t mean we have to clean a ton each day but just work on creating a few habits each day that help you keep your home picked up and obvious messes clean. The more you do certain task that maintain your clean the more they become habit and just part of your routine and the less time you’ll spend deep cleaning.

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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