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I can’t believe there are only 3 Saturday’s left until Christmas! I heard it said the other day from Jen Reed of The Sister Studio that the years go by at the speed of our age (or something like that) so it makes sense that when we are kids they seem to go slower than when we are adults and every year goes faster and faster. That also means the New Year is going to be here before we know it and like every year, this year I will be holding a New Year Decluttering/Organization challenge. I’m currently working on that so it will be ready by the next newsletter so stay tuned if you are interested as I’ll be sharing details about how to take part here in email and over on Instagram. My goal is to make it easy and go at your own pace but I’ll provide some printables to follow along with.

And before we move forward let’s take a look back at all we covered over the past few weeks in case you missed it.

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November Best Sellers

You all loved these 4 items as much as I do and that always makes me happy. Some great finds for your home and the holidays.

Number 1 Stain Removal Mistake

Clothing stains can be so hard to remove, even worse if we’ve committed this common mistake. Check out the video to see if you’re guilty of this (I sure have been) and see my go to solution.


What is the best way to remove grease and oil stains?


This one comes up a lot because it can be the most stubborn to remove. You’re best bet is going to be to sprinkle some cornstarch on it or rub chalk on it and let sit an hour or so to absorb the stain. Next treat with a stain remover good at fighting grease. I love blue Dawn, Carbona or so many of you recommended Lestoil. Apply and let sit overnight if possible. Then wash like normal the next day. Check to see if the stain is removed before drying and if not, repeat the process one more time.

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Magical Light Wand

Wow did you all love this one as much as me! This is a wand that works with an outlet and anything plugged into it you can turn or and off with the wave of the wand. Fun for adults and kids alike! The one I have sold out but I’ve linked similar options still in stock that do the same thing.

Clean Your Cabinets in Under 10 Minutes with This!

I love this style of mop because it comes with so many reusable heads and its triangular shape makes it great for corners and angles. It also has a piece that folds making it easy to do trim and baseboards. I love it for cabinets but you could easily make the pads wet and walk around your home damp dusting or washing several areas from top to bottom in no time.

Marlow Pillows

My favorite, one size fits all pillow because you adjust the firmness or softness with zippers on the side, is having a holiday sale right now. Buy 1 save 10%, buy 2-3 save 20% and but 4 or more save 30%. Could be a good gift or perfect for guests to adjust to their liking.

Bloom Towels

Need a gift idea for teachers, friends or anyone you don’t know what to get? Bloom Towels make the best gift! Their Christmas collection is so cute, my collection with them is still available and they have a ton of other options too. Use code: JILL15 to save!

The Cottage Boutique

Speaking of Christmas shopping my friend has a boutique with great gift options! Order online or if you live near Cincinnati check out her store in Florence. I love so much of what she has, including the Fancy Panz which would make a great gift and my favorite jewelry is from there (Emily Anne). You can wear it non stop including in the shower and it won’t tarnish. It’s the best!

Hate getting makeup on your shirt collars? Try spraying with hairspray! It contains alcohol, polymers, and other ingredients that can create a temporary protective barrier on the clothing. I especially do this if wearing white or light fabrics.

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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