Happy Friday friends!  I’m doing a little weekend challenge over on Instagram and thought I would do a post about it here too in case anyone wants to partake in it as well.  Today, we are looking at how to declutter your home.

Earlier this week I shared how to make a change and I know so many people have resolved to change your organizing habits in the new year.  The only thing is, it’s silly to organize without taking care of one important step first. 

Decluttering is the crucial first step.  That above quote is one I found online, and it’s so true!  Before we can begin organizing, we must declutter. Organizing things we don’t want or need is pointless and an unnecessary step in the process.  So, first we declutter the things, and then we organize what’s left.  This way we know exactly what we’re working with in the space we have.  Since spring cleaning is fast approaching, I figured what better time to start decluttering than now!

Within this post I’m going to cover some tips for decluttering, and then I’ll provide some worksheets you can print off and use as you go through your home and get rid of the all the stuff.  My challenge to you is to take this weekend and really go through your home and get rid of some of the excess that’s merely taking up space.  Let’s get to it! Here’s how to declutter your home!

Before we get to work purging all the things, here are my 5 tips for how to declutter your home.


If you’re like me, you may have a list with several things on it.  But, I find it best to really tackle one area at a time so nothing gets missed.  Go into the room of choice and do not move onto any other projects until finished with that one.  Cross everything off the current list before starting on another one.  It sounds simple but it’s so easy to bounce around from room to room and get distracted from the task at hand.


I always recommend having either 3 separate trash bags or 3 bins and divide them into trash, donate, sell categories.  As you move through each room stuff will either get pitched, be collected to donate, or put into a bin to sell online or at a yard sale.  If it doesn’t go in one of those, then you know it’s staying and can be organized organize later.


For every item you go through, ask yourself, do I really use this? Better yet, ask:

Is it functional?
Is it useful?
Is it practical?

In other words, do you use it, need it or love it?  If the answer is no, then into one of the bins or bags it goes.  The old adage is true.  If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, and it’s not something of value, then it’s likely safe to purge.


Most times whatever our initial thought is towards an item is true.  Take a look a something and if at first glance you think, nah I don’t want it, then don’t dwell on that thought.  All you’ll end up doing is convincing yourself why you should keep it.

Better yet, if you’re really stuck, toss a coin.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before but they say any time you are stuck on a hard decision, toss a coin and whatever side you’re hoping it lands on, is your answer for what to do.  The side it actually lands on is irrelevant.


This sort of falls in line with organizing but if we have sentimental items that are creating a cluttered looking space, that doesn’t mean we have to get rid of them.  Chances are they just need to be stored differently.  For example, decluttering a refrigerator full of a child’s art doesn’t mean we have to pitch it.  Instead, get a file, shoe box, or bin and store it in there.  It’s out of sight and not causing clutter.  But, it’s not shattering your child’s heart in the process either, when they discover their work in the trash :).  

Eric and I have gifts from people that at one time sat out as decoration. As time goes on and our styles change, they don’t always work in that space anymore.  We love them and don’t want to get rid of them, so we either re-purpose them to a different part of the house, or keep them in storage until we want to display them again.


Decluttering our kid’s space can be tricky.  Chances are they want to hang onto everything.  Especially those things they never play with, but decide they absolutely have to keep the moment we suggest getting rid of them.  You know how it goes.  My best advice is to make it fun for them.  And, when all else fails, offer an incentive.  This will instill good decluttering habits, (especially if done every year or every 6 months), but it also teaches them about giving to others (if donating unused items) and responsibility.

Okay, onto the challenge!  Below are some printables to help guide you as you go through your home and pitch the clutter.  There are ones with some items already listed in case you need some ideas of what all to go through, and there is a blank one at the end if you want to create your own.

The challenge is to take this weekend to go through each room of your house and declutter.  To print the pages click the downloadable link below each image.

Okay friends!  Those are my tips for how to declutter your home.  Let me know if you are taking part in the challenge and if you are, here’s to less stuff and more space!

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xo, Jill
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