Elevate Your Next Event with Fancy Panz Containers

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Elevate your hosting game and keep your dishes fresh and delectable in Fancy Panz, the ultimate solution for effortless event food storage!

Fancy Panz from Jill Comes Clean

These Fancy Panz are an absolute must for your summer BBQ’s, parties, tailgating, holiday parties, events and more! They are made in the USA and come in several sizes and colors. The Premium size is the one with the gel insert to keep foods hot or cold.

They would make a great gift too and are seriously such a smart and useful invention all year long.

5 Must-Have Fancy Panz Containers and Accessories

Transform your gatherings into unforgettable experiences with Fancy Panz containers. Discover how these stylish and practical food dish containers add an elegant touch to your parties, holidays, and family events.

Fancy Panz Classic

The Fancy Panz Classic fits one “half size” foil pan (approx. 12.75 x 9 x 2.5) and comes with one reusable serving spoon. Open the attached frame, set your food filled foil pan inside & snap on the clear top. Use with hot or cold food, straight from the oven or fridge!

Fancy Panz Premium

This premium version comes complete with a reusable Hot/Cold gel pack that can be frozen, boiled or microwaved and nestles between the base of your Fancy Panz and the bottom of your foil pan. This Fancy Panz comes with one reusable Hot/Gel Pack, one “half size” foil pan (approx. 12.75 x 9 x 2.5) and one reusable serving spoon

Fancy Panz Charcuterie & Veggie Tray Insert

These Fancy Panz Trayz are an accessory for the Premium & Classic Fancy Panz. The Charcuterie & Veggie Trayz insert is a convenient way to safely transport and serve your charcuterie, vegetables, variety of desserts or condiments. The raised partitions help keep your food in place, which makes this ideal for traveling! The large center bowl is perfect for dips & dressing.

Fancy Panz Square 8×8

This square Fancy Panz includes one 8×8 foil pan and one reusable serving spoon. Perfect for appetizers, desserts, side dishes and dessert. Makes a great hostess gift!

Fancy Panz Cake 9×13

This Cake size Fancy Panz includes a 9×13 foil pan and reusable serving spoon. Fancy Panz are stackable and perfect for travel. No more concerns over spilling the food during transport. Ready to leave? Simply remove the foil pan from your Fancy Panz for party-goers to continue enjoying while you take your Fancy Panz home!

Whether it’s a lively potluck, a sizzling backyard barbecue, a heartwarming family gathering, or a festive holiday feast, Fancy Panz containers are your trusted companions. With their combination of elegance and practicality, these containers ensure your dishes remain fresh and presentable throughout your event. Say goodbye to messy and unappealing food presentations – Fancy Panz not only simplify your hosting, but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your table spread. Their versatility and durability make them the perfect addition to any occasion, allowing you to focus on creating cherished memories with your loved ones, all while impressing your guests with the effortless charm of Fancy Panz.

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Elevate Your Next Event with Fancy Panz from Jill Comes Clean
Elevate Your Next Event with Fancy Panz Containers from Jill Comes Clean
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