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Yay to February being a short month because our weather has been giving us glimpses of spring and now it’s all I can think about. Speaking of spring are you getting as excited as I am for spring cleaning? No? Just me? Okay, well maybe we aren’t excited for the actual cleaning part but the result afterwards….that’s going to feel good! I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a checklist and a Spring Cleaning Challenge so look for all of that in March 🙂 In the meantime, read along to see some latest favorites and what’s been going on in life lately.

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A Cleaning Hack Just Got Better

One of my latest favorites in cleaning hack world is this! If you love a soap dispensing brush for cleaning you’re going to love this version! Fill with dish soap or your favorite cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning bathrooms, or around the kitchen.

Closet Organization Ideas

Latest Favorites in Organization! Need more storage for shoes? Or a way to keep your drawers tidy? These 2 organizers can help!


What is the best way to clean shower walls?


Tall shower walls can be hard to clean with just a cleaner and rag. Instead opt for a scrub brush with an extendable handle. I’ve linked a manual option and an electric scrubber that saves you some elbow grease. As well as a tool for rinsing the walls if your shower doesn’t have a spray attachment.

Easily Clean a Messy Stove

This latest favorite is a must have in your cleaning caddy. If you ever have burnt messes from spills on your stove or oven this video is for you! Some natural options for cleaning it up and a new amazing cleaner that works so well.

Smart & Useful Kitchen Finds

From an easier way to microwave and mix salad dressings to an alternative to plastic sandwich/food bags. These are 3 clever finds.

Grab This for Deep Cleaning

Tight and narrow areas often get skipped because they are nearly impossible to get to. This tool solves that problem and is perfect under the fridge, low furniture, washer and dryer and more!

Force of Nature

If you could only have one cleaner in your home Force of Nature is it! It can truly work all over and sanitizes and disinfects! Best yet it doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals and I have a discount code to save 40% on bundles (not counting the starter pack). A bundle gets you the machine and capsules (the machine converts the capsules into a cleaning solution) and spray, then from here on out all you need to replace are the capsules.

Thanks so much for being a part of the Jill Comes Clean community!

xo, Jill
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