Organizing Tips

To See Everything Better

Visible is Usable

When we can see things we are more likely to use them, when we can't, we won't. Organizing in a way that allows us to see everything allows us to access items easier and gives an inventory of what we have. Here are some areas to make things more visible.



It can be hard to see things in back when items are lined up. Use special organizers or a lazy Susan to eliminate hidden things in back.

cabinets cont.

A tiered shelf is another way to help items hidden in back become more visible. 

cabinets cont.

No more moving items in front to access things in back. Here, a lazy Susan and a tiered shelf make cleaning products more visible.

inside drawers

Use drawer organizers with compartments to give items a home and avoid everything being tossed inside.

inside drawers cont.

Use trays and sort like with like to make it easy to identify items.

inside drawers cont.

More drawer organizers with compartments to go from messy to tidy.

Clear Bins

Clear containers make it easier to see the items inside.  Drawer style bins allow us to see items stored in back.

File Fold Clothes

Fold clothing in a way that allows you to see each piece.  This can be achieved on shelves or drawers.