8 Life Hacks for the home


Trash Bag Storage

Use a bin with handles.  Bags come out easily and look better than the boxes they come in.

Use a wet paper towel instead of a dust pan to catch crumbs and wipe the floor.

No More Dirt Trail

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Use a photo box to organize cords.

Extinguish candles without smoke!

Just dip the flame into the wax.

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Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Inside look

Pick up Broken Glass

After you pick up big pieces and vacuum, get tiny shards by dabbing a piece of bread around the area.

Snack Easier!

Fold bottom corners in and roll top down to make a bowl.  No more reaching deep into the bag.

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No Chip Clip?

Just fold top corners down and overlap, then roll up tightly.  It will secure it shut.


Easily Grease Pans

Save butter wrappers and use them to grease pans.

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