Holiday Life Hacks

Roll an ice cube or frozen grape in edible glitter/dusting powder.  Then drop in a glass of champagne or Prosecco.

Champagne Glitter Bombs

Keep your bubbly from going flat!

Put a spoon or fork handle into it and place in fridge.

Wrap a bottle of wine in a wet towel and freeze for 20 minutes to chill it quickly.

chill wine fast!

Customize glasses

Blow up a ballon and hold for a few minutes so it can stretch. Then deflate and cut below the neck.

Stretch balloon over bottom of wine glass. Use different colors to identify each person's glass.

DIY Glitter Balloons

Fill a balloon with store bought glitter using the end of a plastic bottle as a funnel.

Perfectly Pack Ornaments

Use bubble wrap or mattress foam in a plastic bin to protect ornaments.

Cut to fit your bin and layer.  Reusable year after year and keeps ornaments protected.