Bathroom organization tips

Use Vertical Space

Go tall when possible to maximize the area

Stackable Bins

Stackable bins help use vertical space.  Clear bins look uniform and show the contents.


Turntables (or lazy Susan) allow you to store and see multiple items..

Apothecary  Jars

These style jars are a great way to display and organize bath and beauty products.

Sectioned bins are great for drawers and give everything a home.

Sectioned Bins

Tiered Organizers

Great for seeing a variety of items and using vertical space.

Hot Tools Drawer

If possible a hot tools drawer is a great way to organize styling products.

Fancy up your toilet paper!

Fold a triangle and stamp with the faucet to create a seal.

Bins for Toiletries

Clear individual, stackable bins give loose items a designated area.



Life Hacks

Rubbing Alcohol Uses