7 cleaning dont's!

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Don't Clean Windows on a Sunny Day!

The sun can dry it too fast leaving streaks.  Go for overcast days instead.

Don't Dry Dust!

It just pushes dust around.  Try using a damp cloth instead.

Don't Use Laundry Stain Remover on Carpet

It's meant to be washed out.  Use a stain remover formulated for carpet instead.

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Bleach + Ammonia

Vinegar + Bleach

Ammonia + Peroxide

Vinegar + Peroxide

Rubbing Alcohol + Bleach






Don't Mix.....

They can create harmful fumes or reactions

Don't Use Vinegar on Natural Stone

The acid in vinegar can damage the finish of natural stone over time.

Don't put down the disposal.....


Fruit Peels 

Egg Shells

Potato Peels

These can clog the disposal or not break down properly.

Always clean a surface first with soapy water then disinfect to properly kill germs.

Don't Disinfect without Cleaning

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